Thanos's Personal log - Episode 42

Sometimes the people I travel with make me feel stupid. I mean we are on the greatest scientific discover of my lifetime and can’t find purpose or direction. I don’t understand how such a technological marvel can exist and be covered with people that are so primitive that they are barely out of the caves.

More than a week passed and we only managed to recover my bridge crew and a few dozen Klingons. I didn’t want to pay the Klingons so I tricked them into attacking a bunch of primitive Andorians and laughed as they got slaughtered. Matt then saved us from the marauding Andorians as he challenged the leader and won using a Vulcan nerve pinch. He does have many tricks up his sleeve.

After wasting way too much time we decided to seek a space port or observation point on the ring. It took a while but we eventually found a small floating city that resided over a large primitive city. The city bellow had a population of around 5 million and they seemed to be in the early industrial age, perhaps pushing into the nuclear age though that remained unproven. The city above was of Imperial design. I can’t imagine that the Imperials knew of this ring 35 years ago but it appeared the city was abandoned back then and left to an automated droids. They continued to produce male clones and send them to the city below which seemed to be made up of the many millions of clones created over the past 35 years. Very odd indeed. Matt seemed excited and seemed to know the person the clones were based off of but since we learned this person was in fact the Imperial Emperor I am doubtful.

Karr finally had a thought and asked to go check out a space station we had observed halfway between the solar ring and the sun. We took Cutter’s ship and a small team and cloaked. The trip to the station was nerve-racking as we saw hundreds of capital ships and many thousands of smaller ships. We were mystified as to their origin until we saw the space station belch out a thousand fighters that looked just like the Hound of Tindalos. I was in awe.

After some mishaps we managed to discover that this station was the treasure left by Karr’s family but he never told us of it and we had passed some deadline for getting the treasure. Now we had lost any chance of getting in as Karr’s codes proved useless. I want that station, I could built a fleet of thousands and conquer any world with it.

Karr was looking at something and just vanished. Cutter went to check it out and it was a card of some sort and soon he vanished too. Matt and I started discussing leaving when curiosity got the better of us. He played wit the card for a while and he and his companion who was clinging to his arm vanished. I was left with a choice and I considered leaving. I plucked up the card to toss it in the airlock when it zapped me too. I swear I passed Cutter in the wormhole tunnel that grabbed me and then I was sitting on the floor of a room. I looked around and saw Karr, Matt, and Matt’s woman. Further examination of the room showed that it was a cube 5 meters per side. In the center of each facing was a hatch. Now I am wondering if we are in a prison or is this just a test to prove we can command the place. I shall let the smarter people lead the way on this one.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 42

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