Thanos's Personal log - Episode 40

I have broken down and hired a couple of hundred Klingons on the off chance that we do get to do some pirating but with Matt in high gear for this Solar Ring he wants to see I guess my money will have been poorly spent. We searched the debris field surrounding Gren ga tharg and managed to salvage some guns, explosives, and armor. Then we were off again and after a month of partying every night we arrived in the N’ven Sector.

The sector is rather boring overall with a single neutron star and two binary systems, and five other systems. One of those other systems had no planetary bodies in orbit so we assumed it was the one we were seeking.

When we got to within ten light years of the system we detected a large gravity well moving to block our approach. We scanned it and discovered it was five planets in a rosette pattern somehow being used as a ship. I was duly impressed but rather than show my awe, I made jokes and had a drink of home made Andorian Brandy. The latest batch has been extremely delightful and is making me yearn to seek out the Endilev Keg. When we are done with the Solar Ring I shall demand to begin my search.

Matt used his box and popped us to the other side of the system about 4 light years out and we are now heading in. the sensor readings of this inefficient Solar Ring are staggering and I may have to reassess my opinion of the Solar Ring as a mechanical and technological marvel. Perhaps Matt was right, this place looks pretty interesting.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 40

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