Thanos's Personal log - Episode 31

Citadel Station turned out to be a bust. My buddy Jenkins got nabbed by the station pigs and is looking to do hard time. Then we get word that some trim that Alyr left on DS9 got grabbed, tortured, and killed by some syndicate thugs. According to Alyr’s soundbyte, he has a hefty price on his head from none other than the Orion Syndicate. I agreed with Matt that maybe we should head out.

We took the long haul around the Alteran Expanse and then plunged into Ferengi space. A few Garidian patrols stopped us but we used out superior firepower to intimidate out way past them. Finally after four weeks of travel we got to Rog. Rog, pronounced ROGUE, is the world that is suppose to hold the temple of light. Hopefully this is where the Templar treasure is but Matt is convinced it is just the location of the next clue. We got an away team together and beamed down just south of a city on the coast.

While hoofing it to the city we ran into a farmer in a cart with some kind of odd looking Squid-oxen. These beasts seemed passive enough and they were pulling the cart at a good rate. The farmer, I think his name was Chi San, offered us a lift. He thought that all of the away team that was not human was in fact some kind of nature spirits. We chose to let him believe this. The trip took a few hours and in that time we learned alot about the city.

Finally we got into town and headed for an eating establishment. The place served good rice wine and ramen. As we were getting our fill a bunch of soldiers came in and insisted we go see the king. Matt kept cracking jokes about the King’s name, Chi Qong. Well eventually we made it to King Qong’s palace and were treated quite well. When Alyr told the king he was a Bender the King ordered a duel. A tiny 12 year old girl name Min Mae came out and the fight was extraordinary but fast. Alyr won but not before getting nailed with a waterspout and then slashed with claws made of ice. He used some kind of mystical martial arts move and knocked the girl out.

With the duel over the King said he would help us and gave us a ship with provisions and the 12 year old girl as a guide. We set sail and headed south toward the Fire Kingdoms. Days went by and the boredom was broken when we were accosted by three large ships with steam engines. A prince, I never got his name, was deep in negotiations with Alyr, when Matt started insulting the guy. The Prince did some crazy kung fu shit and flames flew from him to blast a hole in our ship. It was high above the water line but still quite scary. The prince, seeming to think he made his point turned to walk away when Alyr and Matt drew guns and started blasting away. Alyr blew holes in the ships with his disruptor pistol and Matt shot the prince in the back.

My first thought was flight but then I saw the hundreds of me and the fight was upon us. If not for our superior firepower and technology we would have been killed. R’wishi, my Gorn Lt. was killed. Becky and Matt’s pink crewmate were hurt real bad. Our sailing ship’s crew was mostly dead. When the fight was over, our ship was damage, and our tempers were soaring. Matt started screaming at the 12 year old girl and she just turned, tears in her eyes, and dove overboard. We never saw her again.

While making repairs I got into it with Matt, he was being a real shivit, and so I shot him. Don’t worry, the gun was on Stun. He staggered and drew his gun so I shot him again. Finally he was out and I had some peace.

A few days later we headed into a port town on the Island of Three Smokes. Now we are setting up a meeting with some people so we shall see what happens. Oh yeah, I forgot. Obdulia called me early into this trip and said my ship was under attack and that she was taking it out of system. I sure hope she comes back soon. If not Matt might get his skull broke open.

Thanos's Personal log - Episode 31

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