Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 24

Humans are annoying as hell but they do outdo Andorians in one area. That is having fun. When we entered the temple I had no idea it was an actual temple, thinking only that it was a boorish nightclub. Instead it turned out to be a temple of the Cult of Gaga and the sexual rituals they taught us have invigorated me. I of course used Two as my partner and the strange crystals allowed us to merge in some kind pf psychic fusion of passion and delight. How they were able to merge a computerized brain with my own simply through sexual concourse has my brain feeling like mush but good mush.

I think I will talk to the crew about splitting some of the goods including the seven androids. I will claim two for myself and challenge any to a duel that want to take her in place of me. We shall see where that leads but I am certain I can take any of the crew in single combat. Speaking of loot, we got to pirate something. That was fun.

We found an Oberth and engaged it in combat. They didn’t stand a chance. My piloting skills far exceeded anything they could offer and they were left with a crippled ship and me with a bridge that smelled of human dung. I think Matt shit himself during the fight but then again it might have been gas. Several hours later we got into it with some Klingons but Matt chose not to let us fight. Karr was on my side and ready for battle but Matt, being in command, left us no choice. It was probably for the best but still I am not happy. One cant find glory hiding from danger.

Now we are setting course for the Mudder world and I am seriously thinking of selling the Rodian. I wonder if Alyr will go for it, I am sure Matt and Karr will be on board with me.

Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 24

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