Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 20

I can’t seem to escape the humans and it doesn’t look like I shall anytime soon. Matt is proving to be quite resourceful and I am enjoying his company. He is alot like me but with the flaw of his genetics I fear he will forever be stuck trying to prove himself. He is far more intelligent than most of his species. Karr on the other hand is an odd Klingon. Super bright and yet an utter lack of common sense seems to handicap his every move. I remember hearing stories of him and the USS Vanguard during the Dominion war and I know in battle, he is a valuable ally. I like the old bastard.

Now onto the meat and potatoes of this tale. We traveled to a stellar anomaly, a system with five stars, five systems actually, all in unison. The system is further complicated by the fact that nearly every planet has been terraformed and the human populous seems to be living in the stone ages of technology. Fusion reactors and slug throwers abound and even more interesting is they have not discovered FTL or shields yet. Very odd place.

Matt, Nova, and myself decided to go sight seeing and we got kidnapped by a nice factory owner named, Roderick Cole. Matt called it the night before but still I was surprised to see the guns they drew on us. We were sold at auction and I was shipped off to some kind of salt mine. Enroute, a few days later, Matt shows up with a band of pirates and staged a quite successful rescue. We captured the ship and flew to some other planet, can’t remember its name but it started with a P. There we assaulted a minor criminal strong hold and rescued Nova along with six or seven other humans. We left one man alive but I never saw him so I worry about his returning for vengeance.

Then we headed to Beylix, sold the ship and split the goods with the other prisoners we had rescued. Now I am hiring a crew to work on the Hound. Apparently, Matt and Karr theorize, if I change the EPS conduits and run hard wiring, the power exchange on the ship will function better in this system. They tell me it will take a couple of weeks to finish the job so I shall wait here and see what happens. I really dig this planet, a super junkyard and trash heap. I think I could find nearly anything here if I looked hard enough.

Thanos's Personal Log - Episode 20

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