Thanos - Between Seasons 1b

I have been hanging out on DS9 for a while now. I like the hum of the station and the gentle vibrations beneath my feet. I enjoy the many species that are milling about. Mostly I love the bar. Seven holodecks for rent and some of the best gambling around. I suck at gambling, I thought that worth mentioning, but I still love the spin the wheel.

Now this guy named Quark who runs the bar is a very nice Ferengi. He is a stickler for the money but in the end he is great for conversation and he always seems to know what is happening on the station. He approached me to ask if I would be interested in making some money. I felt some apprehension as I know Ferengis are notorious cheats when it comes to making deals but I was a little down on my luck and could use the extra coinage.

Six hours later I am landing on Cardassia Prime with a shipment of Tula Berries. I make the drop and all seems just fine. As I prepare to leave the space dock a Cardassian grabs my arm and tells me he needs help. Me being a helpful sort of guy say, “What do you need?” He then tells me he is in trouble and need to get off planet and he will pay. I of course ask how much and he points to a pile of crates. “You can have them. Twenty cases of Cardassian Phase Tetryon Assault Rifles.” I smile and tell him to get on board. Thirty minutes later we are cruising at warp 6.

Finally I get the Cardassian to join me in the ready room to discuss the situation. I ask him what he is in trouble with and he tells me the Obsidian Order. I then ask why and he says he is defecting and wants to go to Breen. I say it not happening and tell him we are going to DS9. He freaks out and I end up shooting him. Now I am a little distraught. What the hell did I get myself into?

I use the transporter and beam his corpse into space and then head down to check out the crates. I got a bad feeling so I pull all the guns and energy clips out. Then I beam the empty crates into space too. Well we stash the guns and head to DS9. Just as we get near Bajor a Bajoran frigate orders us to stop and prepare to be boarded. We slow to a stop while I get the crew to make sure all the guns are hidden real well.

Major Tolo Simms and a team a Bajoran soldiers come on board. They demand I turn over Ragas Soto. We deny him ever being on board. They really grill me for a couple of hours while they search the ship. Luckily they don’t find the guns. What really freaked me out was this Major Tolo stood right on the spot I killed Soto the whole time he questioned me. In the end all worked out and we were set free to go to DS9.

I had the crew search for bugs and trackers. We found two. One in my cabin and another in engineering. I hope we got the all. Well now I am off to relax and get paid, Quark owes me.

Thanos - Between Seasons 1b

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