Thanos - Between Seasons 1a

Understanding that life rarely gives you what you want is very important. I often forget that as I do things. Matt talks a great game about pirating and the few times I have done it has given me a taste for it. I now find myself in a pickle jar trying to get out. You see, three weeks ago I left Trill to head towards DS9 with the hopes of playing some Dabo and getting in a little holosuite time. Well we got this distress call and when we responded it turned out to be a cruise liner.

I asked what the problem was and they said Hirogen hunters had boarded them and they were wrecking havoc. I said I would beam over and help them out but it would cost them and the Captain said, “You can have anything you want.” Well anything sounded pretty good to me. So my Chaka Force buddies and me beamed over and we headed towards the bridge. Along the way four Hirogen ambushed us and I got stuck in the shoulder with a nasty looking sword. Well my crew got real fraked up but managed to kill the four hunters. Now we were on guard.

When we got to the bridge, we discovered the Hirogen had captured it. I asked to come in and negotiate. They agreed. As I entered I counted seven well-armed hunters with five prisons. I saw the captain was dead and some petty officer was being used as a shield. I asked him if he was ok. He said, “yeah” in a real shaky voice. Then one of the hunters started to talk and I shot him in the face. Suddenly all hell broke loose. I dropped to a knee and shot two more as my crew rushed the room. In less than three second all the hunters were dead.

I grabbed the petty officer and demanded to know who was in charge. He said he was. I told him that I was here to save the ship and that I expected him to honor the deal I made with the captain. He nodded and said that he would. For the next two hours we worked the corridors and cleared the hunters. When we got to the theater we found the opera star, Ran Rakish, dead and a few dozen Hirogen barricaded backstage. I tried to negotiate but in the end we just tossed a plasma grenade into the room and ended the talk.

Now came the part of payment. I looked the ship over and told the petty officer, now a brevet Captain, that I wanted 20000 slips of latinum. He blanched and said he could pay it. I obviously wasn’t happy about this but then I noticed he had a cargo of exotic alcohols. I told him I would take that cargo as payment. He argued until I glared at him and then had his men help mine load up. As we departed he thanked us for the help.

Now the story gets interesting. We had traveled no more than five light years when we get a news flash, identifying me as the pirate who raided the Lucian Flame. Well I can tell you that we didn’t pirate anything and now I am thinking we should have. Damn I want to kick myself in the ass for being the good guy. Realizing the danger I am now in I push the engines a little and get the hell out of the sector.

Well as you can see, I made it to DS9 and with the cash we have and the cargo I am trading up for some work on the ship. The guys should be here in the next month or so. In the meanwhile I plan to get in some gambling.

Thanos - Between Seasons 1a

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