Thanos - Between Seasons 1

Having returned to Icefall and the city of Nerveness, the crew decided to part company. We split up the profits and went out separate ways. I took my two slaves and Two with me and unloaded my ship. Not having Matt and his rapid travel engine sucked and so I decided I would head Trill and take a much need break. The slaves and Two took up alot of space and the ship was crowded so I stopped off at the Deia Colony and freed the slaves. I find it hard to express the loss that gripped me. I had become attached to the human women and hadn’t even realized it. Now I find myself reassessing my views on Humans in general.

Enroute to Trill three Starfleet ships stopped me to inspect for contraband and to examine my ship. I was making short hyperspace jumps and guess that was making them nervous. Once they checked my record and saw I was a decorated Starfleet officer in a past life, they let me go on my way. When I finally reached Trill my heard was full of joy. I hadn’t been here in years and the sights and smells brought back such memories. I took Two on a tour of the planet that ended at the Trill Space Camp where I learned to be a combat pilot.

We went to see Captain Renoir, my old instructor. Over drinks we talked about the students, the wars, and old times. Eventually he confided in me that his daughter had gone missing. She had traveled to Risa to join the liberated forces and hadn’t been heard from again. I told him I would go to Risa and try to find out what happened to her and if possible bring her home.

Two weeks later I was on Risa and soaking up the sun. A magnificent tourist attraction with far too many people. I contacted Humus; a former Chaka Force soldier I knew lived here. He greeted me with open arms and we spoke of the troubled times this planet was facing. With war ready to explode at any moment, he and a few dozen Andorians had hired on as mercenaries working for the Risan government. I asked him if was good with killing Starfleet personnel and he spit some foul words I best not repeat.

As the night progressed I asked about the Trill and he told me there was an Orion slave market that specialized in Trills. I decided that in the morning I would go there and see what I could find. I told Two to go to the beach and have fun but gave her a communicator and placed a tracking beacon inside of her.

The slave market was not hard to find but getting in was a little more difficult. I didn’t have the right credential or pedigree to be accepted. Still I am big and intimidating and forced my way in. Seeing the dozens of women in chains didn’t bother nearly as much as I thought it would. I talked with a few people, or rather forced them to talk to me and found that Riana Renoir was sold to a vile Romulan Captain. Captain Tyron of the RSS Gulag was going to be a problem. I had no reason to board his ship and no transporter to get me aboard. My own ship is a fighter and good as I may be, I stood no chance against the Gulag.

I decided to do something crazy. I went to Humus and hired him and a dozen Chaka Force soldiers to stage a boarding action on the Gulag. Our mission, the rescue of Riana Renoir. I was certain this was a suicide mission but for some reason I liked the thought of raiding a Romulan ship and being the swashbuckler that rescued the girl. Twelve hours later we had a plan. We hijacked a Risan Customs Barge and stopped the Gulag, demanding to be allowed to board to inspect for stolen cargo. Julon was masterful at convincing Captain Tyron that we were legit and soon enough we were allowed to land in the shuttle bay.

When our cargo doors opened, the looks of surprise on the Romulan’s faces were priceless. We walked in firing a torrent of phaser and disruptor beams. The seven Romulans sent to meet us died in under a second. Now we split up and half of us headed for the bridge, the other half for engineering. I went with team Alpha towards the bridge. The mayhem was extraordinary. We marched up the halls blasting anyone who didn’t immediately drop to the floor and surrender. The bridge was a little more difficult. Tyron had his men barricade the room and they released gas on us. Luckily we had already put on respiration units and were fine. We cut through the security and rushed the room. Two of my team died but within one minute of boarding the bridge we had secured the ship. We used the ships own anesthezine gas against the remaining crew.

Now that we had the ship I didn’t want to give it up. It was a Romulan scout vessel and as I looked it over I could see us turning it into a nice pirating vessel. I suggested this to Tyron and after some debate I was made Captain. Tyron and five men are all that remained of our force so we put the remainder of the crew onto the barge and we left the system but not before swinging by the planet and picking up Two and the Hound.

When I returned Riana to her family they were very grateful. I suppose more of this story will be told later but for now I think I am off to bed, Two is waiting for me.

Thanos - Between Seasons 1

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