Thanos’s Second Story

Not long ago I served on the IKS J’kan as a deck hand. The Klingons running the ship were top notch and I was proud that they allowed me to be apart of their crew. We were in the Hynerian Empire near the Cthuga anomaly when Lt. Joma discovered this little asteroid casino called the Halls of Chaos. The captain ordered shore leave and we docked. Now I didn’t have hardly any money and was a bit bummed out but the casino offers play for any amount. The place is set up with eight holosuites that each have a different theme. I only went in three of the suites while I was there.

When I entered the first holosuite I was surprised at the level of detail and the amounts of latinum and other currencies they had just lying around. I think someone could roll into the is place and get rich just by robbing the joint but soon enough I learned the place had top of the line security. I played dabo in this first suite and was broke in about 20 minutes. That is when this Sebacean chic came over and told me I could play on credit. I signed the papers and started playing again. I noticed some of the crew was losing real bad and they too signed for credit.

I lost track of time but think I was playing for ten or more hours and had amassed a huge pile of coins. I decided to visit another room and see what other games were here. The next room was a shooting gallery. You made a bet and then entered the shooting chamber where you went up against other players. Both of you had to draw and shoot at each other. It looked like stun weapons but then I saw the captain get his head blown off and realized the game was for keeps. The XO, Commander Turin seemed like a madman as he went in and played again and again. They paid him in dilithium and he was amassing a fortune. Then one misstep and he too was dead.

I was concerned. They both had signed for credit and with their losses had lost not only their lives but our ship. How was I going to get off this place. I consulted with Hagga and Shrym and they said not to worry. We could hire on with the next ship. I shrugged and went onto the next room. Here you played dice with a giant naked man with huge horns and red skin. He called himself Ba’leer and he explained the rules up front. He showed a loss table and explained that if you lost at this game he could claim things like an arm or a leg but if you won you could ask him for nearly anything.

The Vulcan hottie standing at the back of the room introduced herself as Talina and she told me not to play. She said her husband and the last seven people she watched play the game, all win big then lose terribly. I flirted with her but she seemed very cold and distant. I guess I shouldn’t expect passion from a Vulcan but you never know.

I watched a Hynerian playing win a starship and a hundred slaves in a matter a minutes. I couldn’t resist. I won on my first roll and asked for a ship. He tossed me a command code. I won again and asked for a chest full of bars of latinum and he had a slave bring it in. I rolled a third time and won again. I couldn’t believe my luck. I asked for the ship to get a list of upgrades and he said it was being taken care of. I then stepped away and the Hynerian rolled a loss and burst into flames. He survived but looked and smelled a real mess. I was little unnerved and left to find my crew. I discovered they were all gone.

I freaked out a little and started going from room to room looking for them. When I went through one of the doors I was in a hanger and these big goons escorted me to my ship. They told me have a nice day and sent me on my way. I wanted to fight but looked to see just how well armed they were and decided that maybe it would be better for me to leave with my hide.

As I headed out someone on the asteroid send me access codes to the casino so I could return and suggested to me that I bring some friends. I don’t think I will ever do that but you know, the temptation is constantly gnawing at me.

Thanos’s Second Story

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