Thanos’s First Story

Nothing makes you feel more alive that when the g-forces of a maneuver push you so hard you think you might pass out. I learned at the Trill Space Camp to disengage some of the ship safeties so that I could truly feel the pressures of space combat. I often imagine what it was like for pilots from the ancient times who used only a fossil fueled aircraft with no gravitic attunement. It must have been awesome.

I noticed the enemies closing in on me and went into attack pattern gamma. As turbo blasters opened up I ordered the wing into the atmosphere. I wanted to see how these Imperials did in the open air. I discovered quickly they were just as fast and just as agile. Maddox was on my six running cover for Archangel and me was struggling to stay in formation. I yelled at her and she said she was having a problem with her port stabilizer. As I turned to give her some support she screamed and her bird went up in a ball of superheated plasma. I pulled up and turned to face the enemy. Six Tie Fighters were gunning for Maddox and me. I watched in horror as he got hit and had to eject.

To move up in the fighter world you have to be able to survive while taking out enemies. Maddox was the best pilot in the wing and he just went down like a punk. I knew I was next. I executed an immelman and opened fire on the fighters in a head on suicidal assault. They scattered but the last one failed to move quickly enough and he popped like a ripe zit.

I saw a series of mountain passes to the north and headed for them. I thought that I might be able to get them to wreck on the walls of the pass. I was wrong in my assumptions as they pulled up and opened fire from above. Rock and flame engulfed my bird and as I pulled up they were on me. The battle lasted only three minutes and how I survived is a mystery to me. In the end, I flew away and they were all dead or grounded.

My wing consisted of five very good pilots. Maddox, Archangel, Lucifer, Quixxus, and myself. I looked about and saw I was the only one still flying. I made several passes over where I saw Maddox go down but couldn’t get a lock on his transponder. I broke for orbit and reentered the battle at large. General Thrawn was pumping out fighters in the thousands. We had only a few hundred and from what I could see, most of them were already destroyed. I locked onto a Star Destroyer and made a pass, releasing a barrage of torpedoes at the bridge. A solid hit and the ship started listing to one side. Three fighters got on my six and opened fire. I hit the brakes and came to a full stop as they shot past me. Then I filled their sorry souls with disrupter beams. They popped and I moved on. Eventually the carrier, CFS Darussalam, called for a general retreat and I jumped to warp four and headed for the rally point.

This was my last battle against the Empire and I had survived the war. The next day we learned of the victory in Valdun and that was the end of things. I stayed in the Chaka Force for a few more months just to be safe and then resigned my commission. I had better things to do. I went back to the planet where Maddox went down and started searching for him. I found the ejection pod but never found my friend. Some months later I ran into Lucifer and Quixxus. They had survived and were living in a small colony on the planet. We drank long and hard and relived our victories and defeats. Eventually I grew bored and moved on.

Thanos’s First Story

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