Templar Letter

Master de Molay,

As ordered we have traveled to Jerusalem as you ordered and met with Abraham the Jew. He gave a map and several manuscripts that described the location of the secret temple of Solomon. After much searching we found the markers and begun to excavate the location. It took us nearly three weeks and we were beginning to lose hope when one of the men came to me and told me that he had found something. It turned out to be a door that had been buried over with nearly 30 tons of loose stone. We cleared the door and had to use picks to break it open.

As the door opened a miasma was released that killed seven of the workers. The rest of the workers refused to go near the place and many were saying prayers to pagan gods. I took Sir Reginald Wynn with me and we approached with caution. Wynn was reciting the Lord’s Prayer as we entered. A steep staircase awaited us. The smell was oppressive and the air was dry and filled with a reddish dust. I began to cough but pushed forward, trusting in the Lord Jesus to protect me.

Within we discovered the bodies of giants that must have been slain during the deluge. Wynn alerted me to the noises from above and I told him to go investigate. He returned moments later, with the look of one who has seen death. He said all of our men where dead and that the Angels of God where descending upon us. I told him to get down on his knees and pray. We recited Psalm 23 while we waited.

We could hear the Angles descending the stairs and when they found us in prayer they spoke in their birdlike tongue. It sounded like a thousand songbirds singing. One of the Angles came forward and told us to rise. We obeyed without question. The Angle said his name was Uriel and he directed us to a blank wall. He made a motion and the wall opened to reveal a chamber full of dead plants and seeds. He said these where the Fruit of the Tree of Life and he charged Wynn and me with protecting this holy artifact. He motioned to the corner where I saw a staff and he said to take it. I did as commanded and the angle instructed me in its use. He said that the staff was The Staff of Moses and with it I should be able to defend the Tree of Life from all who would come to take it.

Uriel then turned to Wynn and gave him a ring. The angle said that the ring was the Ring of Solomon and with it Wynn would be the Captain of the arc. He told Wynn to take the arc to the heavens and follow the guideposts. Uriel said, “Mankind is no ready for this power and to give it to him now would uplift him to be as the Gods. Sir Wynn, it is your duty to take the Arc to a place that Man will not find it until such time as he is ready. With this covenant you will protect the heavens and the earth.”

Uriel took me out into the desert with the Staff and a small pouch of seeds. “Take these into the deepest darkest Africa and plant them. One day they will be needed as insurance in case Wynn should fail. Use the Staff to smite your enemies and allow no one to stand in your way.”

I then beheld the temple rise up out of the earth. It was larger than the entire city of Jerusalem and it rose into the air and flew into the heavens. I fell to me knees in prayer but Uriel pulled me to my feet. He said, “Send word to your masters in Paris that my brethren will come to them. Those that are worthy will be taken into the heavens where they will multiply and become the protectors of all that is sacred. They shall form a brotherhood of warriors the likes of which have never been seen on this world or beyond.”

So my brother, I send you this letter with three of the seeds as proof of my story. Prepare the most devout and be ready for the visitation of the divine.

Humbly yours

Raymond de La Fère
Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon
Order of the Temple

Templar Letter

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