Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 9

I amaze myself sometimes. The Heart of Gold, under my command, ambushed three Federation ships, including the USS Iroquois. We not only succeeded at rescuing Satele Keto but also manage to disable the Iroquois and destroy her bridge. Admiral Yore, if he survived, will be hunting us now. If he didn’t then some other bureaucrat will be on our tail. The true joy of this is that I have now gained some vengeance on the Federation for sending me to that hell hole. Kylee is a goddess with tactical and I think I will give her the position, permanently. She proved more than capable of handling the guns and she took the initiative to fire at targets without my direct command. We need that on this ship.

After hitting the convoy we shot to Ferenginar and dropped a prisoner off. I stopped in to see dad for dinner and then we left and headed to Denchar. That mission also went without difficulty and we managed to rescue alot of people. As we left the system the USS Neptune and a couple of Cardassian Cruisers gave chase. Rexar took the Heart of Gold on a collision path towards one of the moons and I nearly shit my pants. He used the moon as a shield against the barrage of photon torpedoes the Neptune shot our way and then we were off at maximum warp. The Neptune gave chase but never caught us.

On the way to Citadel Jacen told me Dr Cole had been rescued and was in my cabin. I went to see her and she was in bad shape. The Slashers had her as a slave for more than a month and they used her like a piece of meat. She will be a long time recovering. She didn’t want to leave my room so I am letting her stay there until she is ready. A’lana is tending her needs and I am counseling her and helping her deal with the rapes and beating. She is a strong woman and if ever there was a woman I would consider marrying, it would be her. Still her morals are so different than my own. I know it would never work out in the long run.

We are planning to head into Klingon space to seek out Karr’s uncle. Now that we have Karr’s sister on board I am expecting complications. At citadel we restocked and refueled and I thought we might lose Rexar since his wife was home. He says we are good to go but I could see he wanted to stay. That man is perhaps too loyal to Karr. I shall have to keep an eye on him. Overall I would have to say the current crew is the best I have ever served with. They might not be the most skilled but they are damned lucky and I will take luck over skill any day. I just pray it doesn’t run out.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 9

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