Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 8

The ruin was one crazy ride that has given me a greater understanding of Jacen and the galaxy he comes from. I don’t know how the mirrors worked but they could transport you over great distances and through time as well. Seeing the galactic conflict his galaxy faced nearly two decades ago has given me an understanding of the enemies we face. The Jedi are not the monsters I had thought them to be.

Facing General Grievous and Darth Sidious were both frightening and enlightening. I watch Jacen blast things with his lightning but it rarely does any real damage. When Sidious hit me with his lightning, I thought the life was snuffed out of me. The battle raged on and he was forced to leave me and if not for my regeneration I would have died. Meeting Senator Amadala and General Aayla Secura was a blessing and I think I could actually give myself over to a woman like the General. Had she known of my being a slaver, I think she might have killed me, or worse. I think the thing I am most proud of was during the battle over Corruscant when I flew one of those primitive fighters. I shot down eight enemy ships and was instrumental in taking out two of the larger battleships. I always thought my skills in space combat were next to nothing, but now I know I can be a pilot and a good one too.

Having returned from the mirrors we realized that all the time that had passed was nothing here. Not even a minute had passed. We got back to our exploration and found many treasures of an archeological nature. We made the decision to turn over most of the artifacts to the Bajoran people which will give us alot of currency in good will. I think we could have made a profit that was more substantial but Jacen is correct, the good will of a people is a valuable commodity.

There are many other things I must contemplate before puting them into this journal.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 8

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