Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 7

Let me start off by saying I hate being shot and perhaps dislike Klingons nearly as much. While having drinks at Quark’s bar a squad of Klingons went ape-shit and opened fire on Karr. Now we were following the rules and were not armed. So everyone dove over the bar and sought cover only to find out the Klingons were organized. One group vaporized the bar and the second fired a volley at Karr who went down in a heap. I grabbed him up with a webbed rope and took off for more cover only to get shot in the back. Fraking cowards. I am not sure what pissed me off more, the Klingons shooting at us or Jacen cowering in a corner with a Dabo girl. Karr, who is suppose to be a trained soldier didn’t even get an attack off at the enemies. Quark miraculously vanished until after the fight. DS9 security failed to show when needed but got there after I went down. Even the ball of fur, Yundarr was useless. He ran up and slapped a Klingon like a little girly man and then got shot himself. And while all of this was going on, Ambassador Vader watched from the doorway with a squad of Imperial Navy Officers and over at a table a group of Starfleet Officers watched as well. I am royally pissed.

Later after my healing factor kicked in we were back on the ship. Cate was checking everyone out and Jacen had went up to the bridge. Next thing I know, I am thrown to the floor as a huge explosion rocks the ship. Red alert sirens rippled through he halls. We were under attack and the ship was docked at DS9. I thought, WTF, and ran for the bridge and got there in time to see bits of debris from out attackers smashing into out ship. Apparently, the Executor saved us.

Now this goes to proving my point. That Vader cat isn’t so bad. He just has a bad rap because of the war. Jacen and Alyr are convinced he is evil but I haven’t seen anything to prove this. I have only seen him on the trideo speaking of peace and coexistence.

Well back tot he story, I headed up to DS9 command to have words with Commander Kira and ended up in jail. I probably shouldn’t have hit her but I was still pissed at her for sleeping with Alyr. Odo was in all of his glory as he carted me off to jail. I was only held for a day and that wouldn’t have been so bad if I could sleep but all I could do was stare at the wall.

A few days later the ship was well underway towards being repaired. Rexar presented the crew with a plan. He had acquired a map to the location of some lost Bajoran temple. So we went and now we are trapped. I am really not enjoying this trip to Bajor.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 7

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