Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 16

I wish to start off saying that their is no profit in bravery. Sure I can be brave when needed but I see no profit in pretending to be a warrior while facing a monster alongside of 15 warriors. Let the brutes and lunkheads take the beating and then sweep in for some of the glory at the end. While Karr gave some of the worst commands I had ever seen, I decided to follow my own conscience and climbed up into the rafters. The idiots below were drunk and insane. Karr told them to line up along the walls and wait. Then he said to get in the middle and wait. Finally he said to do whatever they wanted. Some followed the first order, others the second. No one waited outside as watch. No one was ordered to stay awake. I was in shock but as one of the few non-Klingons here, I kept my silence. I climbed into the rafters and waited. I never sleep and I watched as the Wendul crawled in through the front door. I watched as he ripped the head off of the Klingon sleeping in the entrance. I watched as he tore through the room like a hurricane on crack.

When the beast leaped across the room and hit Hagus, I heard his bones crack. The second blow not only broke bone but the wooden floor beneath him. A Klingon named, Dragoth jumped onto the back of the Wendul and was tossed like a ragdoll. The whole building shuddered as Dragoth went through the foot thick wooden wall and fell to his certain death below.

Klingons dropped like flies and when the beast finally noticed Yundarr I winced. I am sure you have heard that Wookies like to rip a man’s arm off when they get angry. Well I got to see a Wookie get it’s arm ripped off. Then he got disemboweled. The idiot must have been under some kind of mindless rage because he kept fighting, even as his intestines dragged across the floor. I have to admit, I was frightened and fascinated by the whole thing.

Karr started chopping at the foot of the beast and Yundarr followed suit. Matt, small as he is, threw is weight into the fray and was tossed aside and through the hole left by Dragoth. Halfnob, a young Klingon fool, jumped into the combat and slipped on some blood. His head hit the floor with a resounding crack. I couldn’t help but notice that the cold wind blowing through the room was igniting the floor and wall of the Longhouse. I went into action to put out the fire.

When I was done the silence was deafening. I looked around and saw Yundarr on the floor trying to scoop his intestines back inside of his body. I went to his aid and stopped the bleeding. I am a doctor after all is said and done, so I saved my companion. Then I went and helped a few of the others who were not quite dead. Sometime later Matt and Karr came back inside. I had been wondering what was happening and they said the beast had fled the battle.

Morning came and we counted ourselves luck that the monster hadn’t killed us all. I have face the most powerful people but never have I seen someone as deadly as this creature was. They say it spoke, which means it is intelligent, a race I had yet to encounter. I will research it when I get back to the ship.

Hroth’gar insisted we go see the With of Fesil and we traveled several miles to her volcanic cave. She used lava to heal those who were injured among us and then Karr and Matt grabbed me and I thought were jokingly going to throw me into the flame. Matt let go and then Karr gave a powerful push and in I went. The lave nearly killed me but I was able to drag myself free. Thank the gods for my genetic modifications. I see now that Karr is not my friend and I should have known better than to trust a criminal from Denchar. It seems only the most vile were sent to that place. Can I trust Kylee and A’lana? Only time will tell.

We finally made our way to the caves that the Wendul was suppose to live in. We traveled for a while and came upon some blue skinned, bug-eyed creatures. Karr ordered us split up and then threw Halfnob over the ledge into the creatures. I looked at him and wondered what his fraking problem was. Soon we were involved in a chase, and running for our lives. Me, Halfnob, and Matt made our way deeper into the caverns while Karr and the other Klingons were nowhere to be seen. It was crazy, confusing, and exhilarating. When the passage ended at a 100 meter cliff edge, I headed up the cliff wall and told Halfnob and Matt that I would throw them down a rope. A minute later Matt went over the side and I could hear Halfnob calling him a “Dick!!!” Matt vanished through the mists.

I climbed down and watched as Halfnob met the charge of the blue skinned people. He struggled behind his shield and was sure to die. Then they all stopped fighting and started whistling. Halfnob cut them down life reeds by a creek. I followed cautiously and saw Karr had killed the Wendul and was laying unconscious upon the floor. He was hugging a Klingon girl that he must have rescued. I was about to make my presence known when I saw Halfnob grab Karr by the hair and start dragging him down the passage. I hid and watched. When he got the ledge where Matt went over, He said, “Throw me to the enemy, well Frak YOU! You can die a cowards death like you deserve.” He then threw Karr over the ledge. I watched in horror and appreciation. Had it been me thrown down the cliff into an army of enemies, I might have done the same thing.

Curiosity got the better of me and I left Halfnob and started climbing down the cliff face. About 100 meters down I his a latticework of stone. I decided to sit here and collect my thoughts. I don’t see Matt or Karr’s bodies, so I assume the went through one of the holes. After I rest a bit I will head down to the next level. I can’t imagine they live but you never know. That Klingon shit eater is a lucky bastard.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 16

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