Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 14

I had been in seclusion for a few days as I tried to figure out what the hell happened that didn’t happen. I am still confused and disoriented by the whole experience and my head is killing me. I got out of the fresher and noticed the comm. was blinking. I had turned off the sound so I could be left alone. I told A’lana to check it out and apparently all hell had broken loose on my ship. Kylee was screaming that we were under attack and Cutter sounded like his mind was about to crack. I headed to the bridge and by the time I got there it was determined that some of Cate’s tribbles had escaped and were wrecking havoc on the ship. I know tribbles and was not concerned about the whole thing until Cutter told me they were killing people.

Apparently Cate had been experimenting with some of the tribbles and created a carnivorous transphasic swarm that were killing the crew. As he updated me I learned that Rexar had sacrificed himself and ejected the warp core in an attempt to destroy the creatures. We were considering our options when some sith fraker opened up on the ship with photon torpedoes. Cutter nailed the emergency transporter and we found ourselves on the planet Litagara surrounded by thousands of tribbles.

They swarmed us and we all got off a few shots but Jacen saved the day and used that sith lightning crap and fried them all. I still wonder if he really is a Jedi or just claimed to be. After taking inventory we learned that most of the crew was dead and the ship was apparently lost. I was depressed and started drinking a bottle of Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch. Cutter got on the comms and contacted the sith and challenged him to a duel. Next thing we know the sith agrees but says he will kill everyone else before he takes on us. We moved out towards the remaining crew who were transported about 2km away. As we covered the ground we saw phaser and disrupted blasts shooting off into the sky. When we arrived the sith was dead and so was Dora. The rest of the survivors were burned bad and some looked to be on death’s door. The fraking sith set off a thermal detonator before he died but when he dropped it, it must have rolled into a rabbit hole. Otherwise everyone would have been dead. Luck was on our side but I was still trying to decide if it was good or bad luck.

Someone found a bag the sith had dropped and inside was a comlink. Cate used it to travel into the sith ship’s computer and beamed us up. We then got to assess the damage. The heart of gold was listing and in a decaying orbit. We tried to save it but couldn’t and in the end decided to destroy her but I am getting ahead of myself. While performing the repair operations we were attacked by another ship. They wanted Jacen and we decided to fight for our friend. The fighting was to no avail. They got him and we don’t even know if he survived. The enemy ship jumped to hyperspace and after destroying the Heart of Gold we gave chase.

I am truly saddened by the losses we have suffered. Rather than listing the dead I think I shall list the living. I hope we can rescue Jacen but fear his is lost for good. Here is the list of survivors;

Myself Cutter Karr
Kylee A’lana Thuku
Yundarr Kara Honey

Also we got the droid Trivia and Cate but I think I shall maroon them at the first opportunity.

I still cant believe that 102 of my people are dead. 102 death caused because of the experiments of Cate. I can’t explain the anger or sadness.


Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 14

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