Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 10

Sometimes the best way to drive a nail is with a hammer and others with a gun. I am thinking this nail should have been nailed with the gun. While everyone went along with joining the family, I couldn’t help but get the sense that they didn’t want to. On top of that it seemed that everyone and his brother was out to get Cutter. It didn’t help that when I went to make the fuel purchase that the Nebari selling the fuel kept bitching about how all porn stars should be slaves and not free. “They obviously don’t have any self respect so what good are they,” he said as he watched Cutter leave the ship. I of course told him Cutter was a slave and that if he, “messed with my ‘boytoy’ I would come back and use my meathook” on him. I think I got the point across but he still seemed to watch Cutter with more interest than I would have liked. Losing Cutter would suck but since he really is useless as a spacehand, I think I could make do. I would hate to have to go all Ferengi on someone for hurting my little buddy but it is looking more and more like that day is coming.

I got the ship registered as Zoratora and all the officers took the oath. I hope they realize what it is they have done. I would hate to have to kill someone down the road. While shopping I found an old Andorian blacksmith who made me a new meathook. He made it out of some kind of alloy that is suppose to be lighter than aluminum and stronger than a ship’s bulkhead. Who knows if it is what he claims but I like it. Razor sharp and smooth as a baby’s ass. I want to use it on someone but the situation needed has yet to arise.

We picked up a fair number of new crew and they are all Syndicate through and through. Tough bastards who will expect action. We need to make a score and we need to do it long before we head out of this region. I need to call in some favors and get some info on civilian vessels in the area.

Saying goodbye to Elisha was hard. I can’t get the woman out of my head and she just makes me all confused when she is around. I really don’t understand it. Her ship and crew were here waiting as they had done for nearly a month. She has great standing orders and operating procedures. I just wish she wasn’t such a goodie goodie. It makes my occupation seem almost criminal and I don’t like being thought of as the bad guy. I hope she is smart enough to head away from the Federation for a while. With war on the wind and whatever is happening in the Andorian sector, I am concerned for her. The guys think it is the Empire but I suspect it is the Cardassians. The Cardassians always were the kind of people to divert blame and use others to achieve victory. The Obsidian Order is still out there but no one over thinks to blame them when I see their tell tale marks everywhere. Only time will tell who is correct.

Tarak's Personal Log - Episode 10

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