Tarak's Log Entry 6

A commerce planet is like a temple to me. It brings to me a peace that cannot be compared to anything else. My senses come to life, my mind begins to race, and I feel energized to my very core.

I said goodbye to Eight and I gave her one of my holy charms, a cute little necklace from the Cult of Gaga. I hope she finds some kind of peace. Her mind seems to be functioning better and better every day and though I asked her to stay behind, she wanted to explore the commerce planet rather than leave. I think her voices might actually be that she is a telepath. Several times during our sessions she commented about how the voices were quiet when we were alone but loud when the rest of the crew was near. I am immune to telepathy and perhaps that is why she could find peace when we were together. Though I am sad she has left, I am also relieved. I feared she might hurt someone or worse, kill them. She was too unpredictable.

The Crew elected me as Captain. I had assumed this would be the case but you never know when dealing with idiots. My first order of business was to get rid of the piece of dren Cardassian ship. I managed to work out a deal with Colonel Laxana of the Black Widow Brigade. She offered me a small sum of latinum along with one of her ships in trade. I think this was a good deal but since I am not savvy with engineering, only time will tell. The Heart of Gold, is a very fast corvette. She has a lot of damage but I trust Karr and Yundarr to be able to repair her. I have never seen a ship with engines this big in contrast to her size. Taking her out will be so much fun.

Walking the streets of the commerce planet was wonderful. I bought so much stuff I didn’t need and then by chance I stumbled onto a slave market in the basement of a curio shop. Two hours later I had purchased six Jaffa and was on my war. I stopped into the Cunning Linguist and had some Babel Microbes injected in myself, A’lana, Kylee, and the new slaves. I sold a bunch of my gear from Denchar and upgraded to new stuff whenever I could. Getting my hands on a Neural Whip was like heaven. I am still pissed at Karr for not selling me the one he got on Denchar. I will remember how he fraked with me and have some kind of fun at his expense later on down the road when he least expects it.

From the commerce planet we headed home. The crew voted to go through the Alteran Expanse, which frightened me. While the ship was fueling, I snuck off and bought a bunch of incense and charms to protect us from the place. You never know if we will be one of the ships to get snatched up and swallowed whole by the nebula. Better safe than sorry. I am glad I did because what we encounter there will haunt me for some time.

The USS Vanguard is a famous ship, mostly for its treason against the Federation. Karr use to be the ship’s engineer and if I understand correctly, it was his association with the Vanguard that got him sent to Denchar. We found her drifting and picked up a weak distress signal. Rexar took us in and docked to the port side of the saucer. Only six of us entered the ship while the rest stayed behind to protect our own vessel. Inside we found death. It looked like the crew went mad and killed each other. We made the bridge and copied the logs. I wish I would have thought of it then, but the science logs would have been a nice find as well.

We ended up fighting some of the crew that had survived and they were deranged with madness and insanely strong. They attacked us with sharpened hunks of ship’s hull. Scavenging the ship proved most rewarding. We got cases of weapons, parts for our own repairs, and shuttles. Jacen and Karr barely escaped the Vanguard before her warp core exploded. The rest of the journey to Ferenginar was uneventful.

Seeing Dad was nice and I am so glad he has risen to such a prominent position in the government. I wish we could have met the Grand Nagus but time was short and events did not favor us. Mother’s tomb was wonderful and I left her a bar of Latinum. Jacen and Karr each left a fair amount in her offering bowl as well. I was touched by their generosity.

Our next port of call was Terok Nor, or Deep Space 9 as they call it now. Jacen asked me if I was named for the station, which made me laugh. Seeing Kira again was awesome. We laughed about the wars and how life had treated us. When I introduced her to the crew, Cutter made his move and started trying to seduce her. I played it cool but wanted to smash his face in. Later that night I had one of the slaves file a report with Base Security, that she had heard a human of Cutter’s description, planning to kill the Station Commander. I heard that they stormed her room just as Alyr was getting it on with her and ruined the night. I laughed so hard, I might have busted my spleen.

Now I am using my contacts to get the ship fully repaired and outfitted. We are reworking the weapons systems to make the vessel better for pirating. I see light at the end of the tunnel and know that soon I will be back in business.

Tarak's Log Entry 6

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