Tarak's Log Entry 5

The deaths of traveling companions always leaves me feeling the blues. Tanda was a looker and though I didn’t know her she seemed to have spunk and courage and honor. She will be missed. As for Dey’ron, he smelled like an animal and wasn’t very personable. His death is more of a shock than anything else. I cant believe the giant fell during that ambush. Still those deaths helped us to reach our goal. ESCAPE! I never thought it would happen though I have wished for it every day for more than two years. I have see more horrors in Xebec’s Demise than I ever saw during the Cardassian Occupation. Freedom, the words sound unreal coming out of my mouth but we have done it, we are free.

The escape was not very dramatic and seems like it was easier than I could have ever hoped. When we were blasting off with the Neptune on our heels, I was certain that we would die or worse, be captured. But then the explosions on the Neptune caused her to falter and we made the jump to warp speed. The Commerce planet is not a bad place and we will be able to regroup their. I am looking forward to turning towards the Federation and eventually home. With the death of mother, I am heartbroken and I must see her grave. I must make tributes to her gods so that her soul will be taken to a place of wealth and riches. Jacen wants to go to Betazed and that too is fine with me. I always enjoy the looks of confusion when a Betazoid tries to read my mind.

The future hold many perils for us now, We must lay low, move silently and off the beaten paths. Perhaps in time our freedom will lead us to riches. In the meantime I will see if Jacen will teach me of his Jedi philosophies and magic. Another religion conquered and my soul will be well on its way to nirvana.

We have now made the Commerce planet and I am home again. The sites, the sounds, money clinging in my pocket, and the smells; all of this is overwhelming me and filling me with giddiness. The crew has asked me to find a ship and sell our current one. This will take a little time but should not stress my abilities too much. I can contact the syndicate or go through normal channels. Either way this should be an easy profit for us.

Tarak's Log Entry 5

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