Tarak's Log Entry 4

I often wonder why the Gods have put me in this universe. I mean my parents were killed in a violent manner and I had to be raised by total strangers of a different species. I started my career on a good track and ended up being more of a soldier than anything else. I joined the “most Peaceful” society in the galaxy only to be thrust into the heart of a two wars. I now sit in a prison with the scum of the galaxy. I have never been a bad man but the Gods have made it my fate to suffer. I have endured tortures, drugs, poisons, victimization in the worst sense, and now have even been rendered into multiple pieces. I must thank the Gods that I had the foresight to get those genetic modifications or I would now be dead.

The people I have allied myself with are idiots of the 1st degree. When we travel to speak of an alliance with powerful people, Jacen breaks bad and antagonizes everyone we meet. When we talk of rescuing friends Jacen treatens to kill me for pointing out that he has made a mistake. Karr on the otherhand runs off to have sex every chance he gets, even when we are in a rush. Cutter who is proven the most level headed of my companions, is hell bent on keeping Tal Shuresh, our enemy, alive. I am so confused by the whole thing.

The past few days have exhausted me but I can say we accomplished something, I think. We wiped out an entire gang and that kind of scares me. Cutter, the bastard killed people while they slept and Jacen, the one I am pissed at destroyed the Ulatak god. I of course worshipped the Ulatak just in case it was a real god but it turns out to have been a glowing rock with no real powers other than to make people feel good. I guess it was little more than a drug.

We sent a messanger to Tal Shuresh to see if we can gain a peace for the city but honestly I think it a waste. I need to get off this rock and the sooner the better. The problem with this place is that the only person who makes sense to me, I know to be crazy. Perhaps I too am going mad.

Tarak's Log Entry 4

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