Tarak's Log Entry 3

My day started out annoying as ever. Karr was banging on the door wanting to go over his plans to dig a hole through the floor, down into the sewers. After berating him as insane, an idiot, and much more I went to have breakfast. I found an Orion chick with a hulking looking bugger standing nearby. They had a baby with them and they wanted Karr. Jacen got them a drink while they waited and soon enough Karr came out. The slit gave Karr the baby, said it was his, and left. Karr just stood there with a blank look on his face. Eventually he looked the baby over and BOOM!!!! The baby blows up. Blood, guts, bone fragments, and wooden splinters peppered everyone in the bar. Karr was knocked on his ass and his face looked like someone put it through the meat grinder. Kate took care of him and I had a stiff drink.

Who the hell plants a bomb in a fraking baby?

Long story short, the girl got away but we did manage to track her to Tal Shuresh’s castle. So much more happened after that but I think I will leave the telling of that story to my friends. I am going to get layed and sleep like the dead.

Frak!!! I forgot I cant sleep so I guess I am just going to pace around and go insane.

Tarak's Log Entry 3

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