Tarak's Log Entry 2

Another day in hell. I figured life would get back to normal once we got out of the undermaze but I was wrong. We were counting down the days to freedom when we heard of Corsair’s capture and all of our hopes were dashed. To make matters worse I saw the news story of the assassination attempt on the Grand Nagus. My mother was present and she sacrificed her life to save the Grand Nagus. Watching the news and seeing her hit by the phaser beam and vanishing in a poof was both horrible and shocking. I wanted to scream at the world. I wanted to cry. I missed the rest of the news broadcast and don’t even know who was responsible. Whomever it is I will have my vengeance against them. You don’t kill one of mine and get away with it. I asked Kate to get me as much information about the assassination as possible but with me being in this cesspit, I don’t see how I will be able to get home to do something about it.

I went with the crew to see Jure’ about purchasing some energy cells for the Orion Mining Goggles and the Disruptor. His prices were resonable but I still negotiated. None of the rest of the crew negotiated about anything. They just paid asking price and I wanted to smack each and every one of them. Jure’ told us about a secret path to the Thieves Market so we headed there to see what they might have for sale. A long trip for nothing of interest to me. Sure they had a fabulous slave market but I am strapped right now and couldn’t afford anything. The food in the Thieves Market is out of this world. Fresh food, real food, wonderful food! Cutter found some old Klingon named Kaza, who could build a small holodeck for us and we pooled resources to pay him. Karr will assist which should speed things up considerably.

Back in the Grinning Vulcan the next day I decided to be a friend and help Jacen beat the streets for information about soul gems. At the same time I wanted to find information about the great escape that happened while we were underground. The crew believes the ships were killing people not freeing them but this doesn’t make sense to me. Cutter says the ship design was that of the Necromongers. He claims they enslave worlds and then destroy them. Once again this doen’t make much sense but maybe he just isn’t telling the story clearly.

Well the info we were getting led to several clues and we decided to go to the funeral for the lover of Jolet. I didn’t know the girl or her name even but I always figure it is good to be friendly to those who you pay for protection. On the way to the funeral we realized that Karr couldn’t go because of the war between the Gurlacs and the Jolets. He being a Gurlac might cause some badness to happen. So I stayed behind in Gurlac territory near the Hopking’s House. Next thing I know, about fifty Klingons dressed in battle armor and sporting more weapons than I had seen in many years, were walking down the street towards us. I knew trouble when I saw it and tried to stay out of the way. Kevlac, the leader of the Gurlacs, called out to Karr and Karr went over and was recruited into the war party. He told me to go ward the guys at the funeral. I made haste.

Fifteen minutes later I am running through the cemetary yelling, The Gurlacs are coming, the Gurlacs are coming." The funeral party made up on mostly women started pulling out old fashioned slug throwers and setting up a skirmish line. Jacen tried to talk sense into the women who were not in an enviable possition. Eventually Jolet gave in and allowed Jacen to speak on her behalf with Kevlac. I went with him and Cutter to head off the Klingons and I was scared to death. I had a death grip on that disruptor in my pocket. The talks started good and Cutter spoke quite eloquently. I suggested some quotes from Klingon myths to add to his words. Kevlac ordered and attack and Jacen drew his lightsabers. I had never seen one up close and they are magnificent. I want to learn to use one when I get the chance.

The Klingons charged with Karr at the lead. He skirted around us and went up the hill after the Jolets with about 40 of the Klingons and another half dozen or so stayed back with Kevlac to engage Cutter, Jacen, and myself. I nearly fainted as I released a heavy dose of pacifying pheromones. I heard Cutter’s disruptor blasts, the tell tale sound of the lightsabers striking flesh, the roar of 30 slug throwers being fired by the Jolets, and I think I even saw Cutter fly. Kevlac blasted Jacen who was able to deflect the shots but the hot lead now melted splattered everything. I slowly drew my disruptor and fired two rapid shots with my eyes closed. When I opened them Kevlac was screaming and rolling on the ground. His men around us had surrendered and I shot Kevlac one last time for good measure.

I turned and looked up the hill. Jolet was standing tall, beautiful as ever, on top of a tomb stone. I watched as bullets and disruptor fire ripped into the Klingon and I watched as the Klingons bludgeoned and slashed the Jolets with slipked clubs and bladed weapons. Suddenly Jolet was yelling something that stopped the fight. With the death of Kevlac the Klingons lost their mojo and with the aid of Cutter a lasting peace was created. Better than a peace, an alliance.

The new Kevlac leader is called, Jormu, and she is one big woman. She is nearly eight feet tall and nearly as big around. I spoke with her to make sure I wasn’t going to face problems from the Gurlacs for killing Kevlac and we hit it off real good. Perhaps the pheromones helped but I think I made a friend.

Some time later while back in the Vulcan I heard screaming from the main room. I ran in ready for a fight and I found Crazy Eight straddling Cutter holding an icepick. It was imbedded in Cutter’s forehead and she was looking up with quite a bit of satisfaction on her face. Jacen grabbed her and Karr grabbed Cutter. He ran off to the infirmary with Cutter but I assumed Cutter was dead. Eight was yelling that she had killed the spider. I told Jacen to put her down but he only knocked her out. I was pissed. About ten minutes later Karr came back in with the ice pick in his hand. He said that when Kate pulled it out it pulled out some kind of spider too. The pick had a hook on the end of it. I am still in shock but then again I don’t know why. Parasites can be found anywhere. Maybe Cutter picked it up in the undermaze. Well I am off to bed. I will deal with the fall out of the past few days later. I never get a real rest.

Tarak's Log Entry 2

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