Tarak's Log Entry 1

01282390 (Noob Day)

I sent Yundarr and Thuku out to hunt for Shark today, they returned with one nearly five meters long. That is alot of meat. I might go with them next time. I suspect it is fun hunting the predators but it may be too dangerous for my blood.

I wish I could trust Jacen to go and get supplies alone but since I can’t I sent Karr with him. Not much better but at least with two on the ground we might get something for the GV. Wel luck was on myside today. They came back with two crates of supplies and a huge bomb that was apparently beamed into the town square. Had I been there, I would have fled for cover but those two idiots ran towards the bomb and saved the day. They also brought in a new employee, Spirt, a Vulcan accountant with something to hide. I don’t like him but we really need a few new people to keep this place running.

On a side note, Ricky T made an appearance and bummed another drink, that makes 16 he has bummed as well as the night with one of the whores. Based on my calculations he owes 54 Alterium. He suppose to pay up today but sice he didn’t have the money I gave him a little extra time. I even shared a glass of coolant with him. The look on his face when he started coughing the stuff up was priceless. I told him to get the money or the next time I take it out of his flesh. Karr helped the helpless prick out of the building and directed him on his way towards medical. I hope he makes it, would suck to lose a customer.

Later in the eve we went to see the fight between Gunner and Brother Sum and it was a true spectacle to behold. Gunner is an honest to god monster. I am scared that one day I may have to fight him. If the day comes I will cheat because I know I wont win otherwise.

Yundarr got attacked by a young shark swarm but he looks like he will survive. Kate is tending his needs. Tomorrow is a new day and I will send the crew down to the Undermarket to buy slaves and instuments. We need some music in this establishment.



They did me well today. Jacen and Karr returned with a Ithorian cook, 6 dancers (3 Bajoran, 2 Human, and a Bolian), and a Diva who can both sing and dance. In addition they got the much needed musical instruments. I am feeling that life is good. or at least it was for a while. A bunch of Klingons came in and insisted that Jacen owed them drinks. I of course gave them their desire and even rented out a few of the sluts for their use. Now the place stinks of lizard. I know I shouldnt say it but Klingons do have an odd smell, it reminds me of those Lizards that we use to catch and eat on Ferengar.

One of the Bajorans (Kylee) was a resistance fighter against the Cardassians. I freed her and made her a Bartender. She is tough as nails and skilled in close quarters fighting, not to mention and explosives expert. I suspect she will come in handy and I honestly am enjoying having someone to talk to that remembers the good fight.

Jacen, Cutter, and Karr worked out some kind of deal with that sleazy Zurick. I am cuting myself into the deal but not sure what it is yet.



So the crew decided to rip of the Zabrick. We went deep into the Undermaze and hired Crazy Eight as a guide. The girl is by far the most interesting woman I know. She got us through the Ghoul hive without incident and we discovered an old Orion Mining Company communications center that even had a working industrial replicator. We ran the thing dry making stuff and sent off a signal to the Starjammers for aid. They said they would be in system in 28 days. Now to wait.

So much more happened but honeslt other than meeting the Vorta (Maxeen) and the Delvian (Inara) it was rather a boring trip. Someone tried to bury us but then we discovered a droid mining unit and had to fight it. Jacen used some kind of power to release a surge of electrical arcs that shorted the thing out. I hope we can get out of here soon.


I really don’t know why I bother writing this stuff down but I guess it may help someone know who I was when I am dead. Another day wasted in Xebec’s Demise…

Tarak's Log Entry 1

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