Tarak’s Lifepath
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Tarak’s Goals
  • Escape from Xebec’s Demise
  • Get a good ship
  • Visit Mother’s grave
  • Get revenge on the people who put me in prison

Wish List

People Lady Christina de Souza Aayla’ecura
Places Risa Mirror Mirror
Things Light Whip Genetic Modifications More Slaves
What planet is your character from?

I haven’t the faintest idea. After my parents death I was adopted by the only family I’ve ever known. Most of my youth was spent on Ferengar.

What species is your character? Describe them physically.

Technically human but I consider myself Ferengi. I am 2 meters tall and weigh about 95 kilos. I have white hair and my body is covered in scars from when I was tortured by the Cardassians.

Does your character have any habits or mannerisms of note?

When I was young my dad gave me a set of files and taught me how to sharpen my teeth. I still sharpen them often. When not sharpening my teeth I like to chew on stuff. A straw, a toothpick, hell just baout anything

What is your character’s main motivation?

My religion is the Rules of Acquisition and they rule my life. Rarely will I not look to them for guidance. As such my primary motivation is profit.

What is your character’s favorite foods/drinks?

It seems every culture has something good on the menu, even if it look slike crap. My favorites are:
* Jumbo Romulan Mollusk served over rice or scrambled eggs.
* Bregit Lung, a Klingon dish that isn’t really lung but small living creatures. Yum
* Bajoran larish Pie, nothing taste better after a huge meal
* All Ferengi food is served raw. I love raw foods, meat or vegies.
* Candy or anything sweet. I am completely addicted to sugary foods.
as for drinks:
* Nothing is better on a cold night than Butterbeer
* Buzz Beer is the greatest stuff in the universe. I could drink it all day every day.
* Buzz Cola is a secondary alternative to the beer
* A Frell Me Now is by far my favorite mixed drink
* Kava Juice after every meal soothes the stomach and aides digestion
* I grew up on Perk-a-Cola and still have a hankering for it from time to time
* Moba Juice for breakfast whenever possible
* My Favorite hard liquor is Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch, it is so sweet it actually hurts my teeth

What are your character’s most and least favorite things?

Years ago I got a copy of ‘The Buddha’s Palm’ and I have read, reread, and reread again this tiny comic book. It is my most prized posession. I find that kind of ironic since it is only worth 5 credits. I think I read it every day and when I got access to a holosuite I live it.

What about your character’s psychology?

What about it? You know I am a psychiatrist?

What is your character’s single greatest fear?

After being a prisoner of the Cardassians I learned that solitary confinement is the worst torture they could do to me. I truly hate being alone. This is why I surround myself with slaves. They can’t leave me and I always have company.

What is your character’s highest ambition? Greatest love?

I’m not sure their is anything I would say I love. I would like to own my own space station someday but that is when I am much older. For now I enjoy seeing the galaxy

How does your character feel about the United Federation of Planets?

Hypocrits, nuff said.

How does your character feel about the Empire?

Every galactic empire, nation, etc has its good and bad. Who am I to jusdge this one. In my opinion they are no worse than the UFP and perhaps better. Only time will tell.

Who does your character hate?

I can’t stand nosey cops but I really don’t hate anyone in particular. Sure there are a few people I would love to gut but hate has nothing to do with it.

Where do your character’s loyalties lie?

I am loyal to myself and my friends. Beyond that to hell with everyone.

Is your character in love?

Love? Seriously? I once had a thing for a woman but that was long ago. I have discovered owning them is far better than going insane with that sickness called Love. Besides, their is no profit in Love.

What three words would best describe your character?

Attentive, Greedy, Fun.

How would your character’s parents describe him?

My parents would be proud that I was able to turn a profit in everything I have every done. They would describe me as a Ferengi with gifted lobes.

Does your character have any regrets?

I would rather not talk about it.

How does your character make a living? Are they frugal or do they blow their money?

Buying or stealing stuff that I can sell to someone else for a profit. I think I tend to be frugal except when it comes to food. I love to eat and to try different things so I spend a fair amount on food.

What is your character’s opinion of slavery, piracy, assassination?

Slavery makes good business sense. You get workers without the need to pay them. Piracy is an important part of every society. It creates jobs (Guards/Security) and if enough piracy occurs it can drive prices. Assassination is not my cup of tea but it is a part of life. I hate to see people killed as that means one less consumer to make a profit from.

If you could, what advice would you give you character?

Heroes die, cowards live.

What type of cool stuff do you want for your character?

The only item I would like is a light whip. I do however want something, I want to maximize the amount of bioware my body can handle. Every planet that offers genetic/biomodification is of interest to me. I plan to become the ultimate living being.

What big dreams do you have for your character?

Dreams are just that dreams. I live in reality and I will make anything I desire come to pass.

What, if anything, would make your character retire?

End of the campaign or getting to old to continue.

What, if anything, would make your character go completely bad?

Nothing, Tarak is good at heart but has a few dark things in his closet. He like to skirt the edge of Darkness but I doubt if he will ever cross completely into that path.

If you could choose, how would your character die?

In bed with a beautiful woman right at the moment of orgasm.


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