Tal Shuresh's Personal Log - Episode 2

Word has come to me of a battle between the Gurlacs and the Jolets. While I appreciate the fact that these gangs are fighting amongst themselves, I must intervene to prevent an all out war. Too many deaths in recent weeks and over nothing but dren. The fact that some kizzlewalkers got a hold of disruptors is disturbing but even more so is the fact that someone is using lightsabers. I faced off against Vader and held my own but these idiots in this city don’t stand a chance against someone skilled in the use of mind powers. I will have gunner pay a visit to these kizzlewalkers and see what they have to offer. Perhaps we will invite them to join us; perhaps we might have to kill them. I wonder if I already know them. We will find out soon enough.

The new leader of the Gurlacs is another problem. The bitch use to be a slave and now she is running one of the few gangs I despise. I will deal with her fairly but if she proves problematic then I will put her down. Jolet is a joke and I will let her girls have the run of the northeast quad but if they start expanding I will offer that region to Jik-Fenya and be done with them.

We will host the snitch party tomorrow in the square and later this week is the beginning of the Miner’s Challenge. Journo has set up a new betting system that will streamline all the bookies in town. We should make a nice profit off of this race. The annual Juggers season is about to begin also. I wonder if we will have any new teams sign up this year. I so miss watching the games.

I need a reminder to let Joe go. He has been in the stocks long enough and I hope the three days of getting fraked has left a lasting impression on him. Off to bed.

Tal Shuresh's Personal Log - Episode 2

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