The foundation of theoretical mathematics is still in its infancy. Super-Mathematics represents the next step in the evolution of mathematics. The Navigators of Neverness have found the secrets of this new science and have used it to create starships that can travel, nearly instantly, to any point in the galaxy.

New Trait: Super-Mathematics (+2)

This trait allows a character to understand the basic applications of super-mathematics. If he has access to a ship with an algorithm engine he can navigate to nearly any point in the galaxy and travel there at speeds far beyond any warp or hyperdrive engine.

The character makes normal Astrogation and Piloting tests to get to the destination, but he also makes a Physical Science (Super-Mathematics) test and compares his result to the following table:

Skill Test Travel Time
0 or less 10,000+ years
1 1000 years
2 250 years
3 100 years
4 20 years
5-6 5 Years
7 1 year
8 6 months
9 1 month
10 1 week
11 1 day
12 6 hours
13 1 hour
14+ nearly instant
  • The drive does not work for distances shorter than 1 light year
  • The difficulty for travel increases by +1 per sector traveled
  • If used within 20 light years of a singularity the chance of disaster is greatly increased
  • Supermathematics fails to function withing 20 light years of the galactic core and will not function within 1 light year of a singularity.
  • When supermathematics us used near a temporal anomoly, the difficulty is reduced by one level.
Requirements for travel
  • The trait Super Mathematics
  • A class 5 or better computer or Mentat training with the skill computation 3+
  • A vehicle with its own power source to travel the algorithmmic super highway.
  • Super-Mathematics

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