• Purpose: Marine Agricultural Colony
  • Temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
  • Gravity: 1.1 standard

Water covers the entirety of Suon’s surface. It is home to numerous forms of marine life, and some shallow areas of the ocean possesses tremendous coral reefs, which spread out over hundreds or even thousands of metras. A single colony stands near the equator, built some one hundred cycles ago by Zenetan medics to harvest the unusual kelp in the Suon oceans. Suon kelp has incredible medicinal uses, including possible cures for certain lethal diseases. Since then the colony has grown to become a respected clinic for ailing members of almost any species.

Most of the colony lies below the water level; only the hangers and docking bays rise above the waves. The majority of the outer walls are transparent, which can be quite disconcerting to visitors. An impressive series of gardened walkways, called the “rings of Suon” surround the colony’s twenty-five levels.

Zenetan medics still run things, though not everyone here has medical training. Other species also exist on the world, fulfilling a variety of functions, but they constitute a small minority. Farmers harvest the medicinal kelps, fishermen capture the meat that rounds out the colonists’ diet, and numerous technicians and mechanics take care of the colony’s myriad maintenance needs. The current leader of the colony is an older Zenetan medic named Masiach. A skilled surgeon, she loves and respects all living things, and sees all life as sacred. Those in need of serious medical attention can ask for aid here; the doctors will charge based on the client’s ability to pay.

The medicinal kelp on Suon is not the only draw, however. In recent cycles, a darker side has begun to appear. Other kelps on the planet carry different chemical properties, some with unusual effect on carbon-based life forms. Several of the species of kelp have potent psychotropic effects, which can be synthesized into powerful recreational drugs. While the medical leadership of the planet frowns on the harvesting of such plants, a black market has begun to grow, complete with smugglers who carry the drugs off-planet to sell.

In addition, some of Suon’s primitive shelled life forms create beautiful gems and stones, such as fire pearls or star opals. The demand for such stones brings poachers to the planet, who hunt the creatures mercilessly for their shells. While the colonists kill fish or plants for food or medicine, they have a difficult time rationalizing such slaughter. Seeking to keep the environment intact, they have outlawed all nonessential hunting on the planet, but that hasn’t stopped the profitable trade.

Suon colonists never needed a police or defense force until recently. With the increase in poaching and smuggling, Masiach authorized the creation of such a force several cycles ago. At present, they are small and poorly trained; until they can fully establish themselves as a deterrent, the crime on Suon will continue to rise.


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