Name Tarak
Race Human Raised by Ferengi
Career Overlay Slaver
Childhood Influences Adopted
Adolescent Years Genetically Enhanced
Background 1 Freelance Medical Practitioner
Tour of Duty 1 Arms Merchant
Tour of Duty 2 Maquis Double Agent Collaborator/Intelligence Asset
Tour of Duty 3 Personal Development: Federation School of Diplomacy
Background 2 Starfleet Medical Academy Extended Cadet Cruise
Tour of Duty 4 Scientific Mission
Tour of Duty 5 War: Crippling Wound
Tour of Duty 6 Resigned Commission
Tour of Duty 7 Piracy: High Space
Tour of Duty 8 The Big Heist
Tour of Duty 9 On The Run
Tour of Duty 10 Denchar Penal Colony
Final Age 54


Friends Contacts Enemies
Havaris Tara Jacob Simms Jok
Imara Endilev Saman Undula Norm Gural
A’lana Hurok Princess

People/Places/Things I desire to meet/see/own

Lady Christina de Souza Corruscant Light whip
Aaylas’ecura Mirror Mirror Universe Cybernetics
Leeta Genetic Modifications

From lifepath:

Contact Havaris Shand


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