Starfleet Regulation 132A

Hairdressing / Barbering & Personal Grooming

Race: Terran

(Note: Certain Starfleet Regulations on Personal Grooming are applicable in accordance with the race, religious and physical structure dependent upon race, ethnicity or culture. As such, these Regulations should be read in conjunction to not only the individual Regulation that applies to your Race, but also read in conjunction with Regulation #130 which deals with the standard Regulation governing all personal presentation of Starfleet personnel.)

Starfleet expects all its personnel to maintain a high degree of personal grooming. In light of this, and the nature of long term space travel, it is important to maintain onboard services such as hairdressers/barbers to assist those members of a ship’s compliment who have hair which requires periodic cutting. Whilst it is possible to obtain non-commissioned personnel to perform this task, it is perfectly acceptable under Starfleet regulations, to have civilian personnel fulfill this role, dependent upon the military nature or ruling of the ship involved. Aboard the Southern Cross, two full time civilian personnel are employed to perform this task.

Starfleet Grooming Regulations

Because it is impossible to provide examples of every appropriate or unacceptable example of grooming, the good judgment of leaders at all levels is key to the grooming policy of Starfleet.

Facial Hair: Personnel will at all time be clean shaven unless a shaving waiver is authorised by the Commanding Officer. Shaving waivers will be granted to personnel who wish to grow moustaches, beards, or other such facial hair (or currently already have facial hair they wish to keep); however the individual must trim any facial hair and maintain a high degree of appearance through-out the growing period of the hair, or in maintenance of current facial hair.

No facial hair shall extend below the top lip line of the upper lip. Personnel placed under arrest in respect to Starfleet regulations are permitted to maintain any current facial hair; however, personnel convicted and/or restrained in the brig for a period longer than eight weeks are not permitted facial hair, and must be clean shaven. Only in the case of cultural requirement, or on valid medical reasons will a prisoner be given a shaving waiver.

Hair: Hair on both men and women must be maintained to a high standard. Starfleet does not impose restrictions on styles; however, personnel must maintain a hair style suitable for their duties, as per health and safety requirements. Hairstyles should not be outrageously multi-coloured or faddish, or have designs cut into them, or items braided into the hair, unless a hair waiver is approved (for cultural reasons only). Hair color should be natural looking and compliment the individual. Additional bands, or hair pins/clips may be used to maintain a style provided they match the hair colour. Wigs or hairpieces are permitted on individuals only for cosmetic reasons to cover natural baldness or physical disfigurement. Wigs or hairpieces must be of good quality and fit, presenting a natural appearance, and conform to the grooming standards. They should not interfere with the proper performance of duty or present a safety risk.

Fingernails: Nail polish may be worn but must be conservative and compliment the skin tone of the individual.

  • Men: Fingernails shall not extend beyond the tip of the finger tip. Must be kept clean.
  • Women: Fingernails shall not extend beyond 5 mm of the tip of the finger. Must be kept clean.

Cosmetics: Cosmetics may be applied in good taste so that natural colours blend with natural skin tone and enhance natural features. Exaggerated or faddish cosmetic styles are not authorised.

Tattoos: Tattoos are permitted only in locations that are not visible whilst members are in duty or dress uniform. A tattoo waver will be granted only to individuals with cultural requirements.

Rings: No rings are permitted whilst on duty.

Earrings: No earrings are permitted whilst on duty.

Watches/Bracelets/Necklaces: No bracelets or necklaces are permitted whilst on duty.

Body Piercing: Not authorised on duty.

In all cases where not specifically listed, waivers can be granted by the Commanding Officer for cultural reasons.

Starfleet Regulation 132A

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