Sapient Replica Droids, or SRDs, are sophisticated synthskin-covered droids designed to be nearly indistinguishable from a Sapient species. Their design is similar enough to a specific Sapient anatomy that even high-quality medical scanners are not always able to identify them as inorganic, although they are able to discern some differences from the typical member of the species it’s meant to portray. They are sometimes referred to as ‘meatdroids’ or ‘droid clones’. Unlike true clones, a droid clone could be created in under three months.


SRD experiments included Project Decoy, a plot by the Alliance to restore the Republic by creating Rebel-controlled SRDs and using them to replace Imperial officers. It is believed that the Rebel Alliance may have sent some of these SRD’s with the Imperial Forces that fought in the Empire War. The Empire has perfected SRD technology: the droids are so advanced that their self awareness allows them to bypass all but the most complex programing.

Starfleet Intelligence has made the public aware of the existence of such droids, and though recognized as sentient, any of them found inside Federation space is sentenced to life imprisonment on a penal colony.

Sapient Replica Droid Species Template

Use attribues of species duplicated


Use Skills of species duplicated

Typical Traits
  • All typical traits of species duplicated except for Psi, Force, and Essense which are 0(0)
  • Resistance (Radiation/Temperature) (+2)
  • Synthetic being (+2) (Requires sustainance of duplicated species but does not require any other maintenance)
  • Restricted (Hidden program commands) (-3)
  • Telepathic Resistance (+4)

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