Special Tour

Tour of Duty: Denchar Penal Colony

Life in Denchar Penal Colony is harder than nearly any other Penal planet inside the UFP. Most people sent here are dead in under 24 months. The planet plays hell on the health of its prisoners and the social elements of the colony tends to create monsters. A few manage to retain the humanity but most do not.


  • Language (Romulan): Accented/R/W
  • +1 Fitness or Presence
  • Planery Survival (Denchar) 1(2)
  • Unarmed Combat (Kormerek) 1(2)
  • Code of Honor (Prison Rules) (-3)
  • Choose on of the following:
    • Heavy Drinker (2)
    • Innovative(1) and Light Sleeper(1)
    • Intimidating(1) and Resistant (Respitory Irritants)(1)
    • Shrewd(1) and Social Chameleon(1)
  • Character may also take one of the following and balance points as desired:
    • Sexual Prey (-2)
    • Tainted (-5)
    • Nightmares (-2)
    • Addiction (-1 to -3)

Code of Honor (Prison Rules): (-3)

  • Never steal from your crew or cadre
  • Always do harm to those who hurt children
  • A snitch must die

Special Tour

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