20-20 Hindsight: The wise act of watching your back.
666: A computer virus. Also called “Sixes”



  • An expert in the field.
  • Friend, buddy, pal.

Aehallh: (Pronounced: Aye-Hall) (Romulan Origin)

  • Someone who is hideous
  • a Monster
  • a person who is so vile that he should be removed from society

AMF: A derogatory way of saying goodbye.

Andor Toast: Refers to any foul-tasting or otherwise inedible food. Commonly used to refer to standard survival-ration concentrates.

Artist: An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature.

Axanar: Describes a singular waste of time and effort. (Klingon origin)



Bagged and Tagged: Dead.

Bagman: Street slang for a criminal courier.

Bakebrain: General purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties. (Syn. asshole, idiot, jerk, moron.)

Beam-n-Scream: To beam into a dangerous situation. (Security/ground forces use)

Bennie: A new prisoner just entering the colony. (Dencharan Origin)

Bioroid: A full-body conversion cyborg.

Bioware: Any biological enhancement or replacement.

Bit Jockey: Programmer.

Bitty Box: A primitive, underpowered, or generally useless computer or other electronic device.

Black, Big Black: Space. The final frontier. Where no man… well, you get the idea.

Black Clinic: A medical facility which specializes in the implant of illegal or unregistered cyberware or bioware.

Blister: A Derogatory term for someone with one of the many pox diseases.

Blueberry: Derogatory term for Andorians.

Blue Blood:

  • A Doctor
  • A Scientist who is arogant

BOHICA: Acronym for ‘Bend Over Here It Comes Again’

Bopper: A robot or droid.

Brain Potato: A spice addict.

Brandy: A professional prostitute.

Breeder: One who has sex with species not their own. Usually derogatory.

Bubba-Spook: A person with no Cred that claims to be a bad ass killer.

Buck Rogers: Derogatory phrase for an individual obsessed with high-tech weaponry.

Buff: To attack viciously with intent to maim or kill.

Butt-Head: A Derogatory term for a Klingon

Bug-Out: To flee from a situation or area.

Buzz: Buzz off. Go away. Leave.

BYOB: Ready for battle. From the acronym for “Bring your own Bat’Leth”



Cacking: Dying. Slang analogous to ‘croaking’ or ‘kicking the bucket’.

Cardie: A Cardassian. (Derogatory)

Cash or Cash out:

  • Someone who has died
  • Someone who has retired

Catalog: A Class-A information dossier. Public Records.

Causing Static: Starting trouble.

CC: Abbreviation for ‘Computerized Cranium’. Derogatory term for an annoyingly intelligent person.

Cement Poisoning: What a person dies of after being pushed off of a multi-story building and hitting the sidewalk. Also known as Deceleration Trauma.

Chilled: A hip term meaning, to be cool, together.

Chip-Truth: The absolute truth.

Choob: Jerk, nerd, weirdo.

Chuck: A non-colonist person. Usually derogatory.

Civvie: A civilian.

Clint: The male counterpart to a Brandy.

Combat: Drugs Designer drugs for military use.


  • A high prices female escort
  • A classy whore

Config: To arrange an illegal job.

Cortex Bomb: A small, implanted explosive device (usually in the skull) that detonates in response to a timer or remote signal. Usually implanted against the wearer’s will to keep them in line. Most cortex bombs will detonate automatically if tampered with.

Cowboy: Someone who is prone to violence before conversation.

Crash and Burn: To fail miserably.

Cream: Acronym for Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Cred: Renown or fame

Cryo: A Cryokinetic

C-YA: Pronounced as ‘see ya’, acronym for ‘Cover Your Ass’.

Cylon: Derogatory term for corporate security personnel.



Dag-yo: ’Cool. (Nebari origin)

Deceleration Trauma: See Cement Poisoning.

Deep Reality: The real world we live in. As opposed to the realities we create with drugs or holosuites.

DeeVee: Devalue. To make something worthless.


  • To terminate a program.
  • To kill someone.
  • To purposefully lose someone in a transporter beam

Gha’Rudh: Jerk or Asshole (Romulan Origin)

Die of the Pox: In military parlance, an assassination which makes the death appear to be of natural causes.

Disappear: To cause a person, and all known references to that person, to become difficult or impossible to find.

Dobo: A Person. Often used the same way as “dude” was in the 20th century.

Dock: To have sex.

Doughboy/girl: Derogatory term for someone wearing too much body armor.

Downtime: Free time; off the job.

Drad: ‘Best’, ‘wild’, or ‘rad’.


  • Expensive
  • Worthless

Drannit: Slang for a part of the anatomy, often used as an insult. Rough equivalent to the derogatory term ‘bastard’, or ‘asshole’. (Sebacean origin)

Drawing the Ace: Mercenary term for death in combat. To ‘draw the ace’ is to die in battle.

Drek: Common curse word (archaic ’shit). (adj: drekky.)

Dren: Equivalent to ‘shit’, or an unwanted substance or act.

Driblocks: A derogatory term, roughly equivalent to slut.

Drig: Copulation. Expletive.

Dr. Know:

  • A contact who always seems to have useful info.
  • A seller of knowledge.

Dr Who: Someone who sticks their nose in other people’s business.

Duck: A person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed.

Duck of Doom: A Romulan warship.

Dumbo: A Ferengi. Derogatory reference to the size of their ears.

Dust: To kill.



Echina: A righteous and honorable warrior (Cardassian origin)

Eema: Meaning backside (Luxan origin)

Eggshell: An Imperial Stormtrooper (A derogatory term of Human Origin)

Exotic: An obviously biomodified individual.


  • A corporate kidnapping.
  • The removal of a (combat) team from its operational area.



Fek: Multi-usage Nebari word, not easily translated; probably ass or asshole.

Fekkik: Stupid waif; naive fool; dipshit. (Nebari origin)

Ferengi Take-Out: Anything extremely jumbled or messy.

Ferryman: Term for an expert assassin. Believed to be derived from the Eugenics War when assassination was very commonplace.

FIBUA: Urban combat. From the acronym, ‘Fighting In Built-Up Areas’.

Firelane: The clear area a weapon can put its shots into.

Fixer: A go-between, deal maker, information broker. Also a fence or mover of illegal goods.

Fodder: A derogatory term fixers use for mercenaries.

Foolie: The victim of any game in which violence is committed.

Foot, Feet: Derogatory term for police. (From flatfoot.)


  • An elderly person.
  • Someone who refuses to give up old ways.
  • Any old or obsolete item.
  • Someone who was thawed from a crypod from generations ago.

Frax: Screw; bugger; colloquially, disregard, as in ‘Frax your father’. (Sheyang origin)


  • Any straight, unimaginative citizen.
  • An elder person or someone who clings to outmoded ideas or practices (from Fred Flintstone). (See Fossil.)

Frell: The most well-known Imperial word, used as a replacement for ‘fuck’, both directly and idiomatically. (Sebacean origin)

Frellwit: Idiot; foolish or brainless person; shit-for-brains. (Sebacean variant)

Frellnik: Something that smells foul; the precise meaning of this word is uncertain but its Sebacean root frell leads to some spunky speculation about its meaning.

Fridgeboys: A derogatory term for Breen.

Fringe: The edges of society.

Froth-Mouth: Someone who is frothing at the mouth; a lunatic.

Fumigation: An assault in which no survivors are left.


  • Any sort of confusion, snarl-up, or traffic-jam.
  • An intense, chaotic battle.

Fvai: Dog (Derogatory)(Romulan Origin)

Fvadt: Fuck (Romulan Origin)

Fvadt-Fvai: Sex with a prostitute or slut (Romulan Origin)



Gander: Street slang for a pimp (see also Goose).

Garbologist: A connoisseur of things other people throw out; collectors for a profit.

Gargoyle: Someone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear.

Gato: A smooth operator, cool person; a Fixer.

Geek: To kill or die.

Geese: The plural form of Goose, ie. more than one prostitute.

Gewalt: Violence.

Giri: A debt of honor; duty or obligation.

Ghost in the Machine: A virus or program left behind to monitor activity or location of a piece of equiptment.

Ghost it: Use to describe when a person inhales a drug and holds it in so long that when they exhale no smoke is visible.

Gonk: Idiot or fool.

Goose: A prostitute.

Green Machine: The Romulan Star Navy.

Grimmit: Chicken; wimp; person lacking bravery.

Guardian Angel: Mercenary on a bodyguard job.



Hard: Cool, hip, tough. A flattering term.

Harry: Complimentary term applied to an especially lethal piece of hardware.

Hazmot: Equivalent to bitch, example: ‘You son of a hazmot’. (Luxan origin)

Heatwave: A crackdown by the Law.

Hexed: Someone who is considered insane or dangerous in a bad way.

Hezmana (or Hez): Hell, literally and idiomatically. (Luxan origin)

Hingemot: Fool (Sebacean origin)

Hnaev: Shit or Crap (Romulan)

HollowDick: The male lead in an erotic holonovel.

Holo: A holographically generated image.

Hoop: A mild curse word, referring to a person’s backside.

Hug Junkie:

  • A derogatory term for Betazoids.
  • The ship’s counsellor.



Imps, Impies: Imperial soldiers, usually Imperial Stormtroopers.

Input: Girlfriend, female companion.

Iron: A slugthrower




  • A homosexual prostitute. (Derogatory)
  • A hustler. (Derogatory)


  • To fight or run away.
  • To have sex.


  • Sex.
  • Moshing heavily in a band.
  • Being involved in a paramilitary operation involving a large amount of flying bullets and shrapnel.

Jander: To walk in a casual or arrogant manner, to strut.

Jick-Tied: Tightly restrained; made helpless; equivalent of hog-tied. (Sebacean origin)


  • Someone who brings a curse or jinx to a ship.
  • A survivor of a ship wreck

JoyBoy/JoyGirl: Prostitute.

Joytoy: A prostitute who has been cybernetically modified or sculpted to match the specifications of the user.

Jumper: A Teleporter


  • Street slang for anything relating to a juvenile.
  • A legal minor, e.g., anyone under 16-years-old.

JV: Someone who seems unkillable. (Originally used to describe those infected with the Jason Virus)



Khorosho: Good. OK. Fine.

Kibble: Food produced by a food replicator.

Kirk: A complimentary term used for someone who has sex with many alien species

Kizzlewalker: Someone who is gangless or unaligned. (Sebacean origin, from Kizzle or honorless)

Khoi: Shut your mouth! (From the Romulan for switch off)

Krovvy: Bloody.



Leech: A sneak thief or pickpocket

Like Kicking Dead Whales Down the Beach: Any slow and disgusting job or process.

Liquefier, Liquidizer: Common term for disruptors.

Lizard Brain: A cold, calculating, unemotional person, somebody always running in pure floating point mode (e.g. Mr. Spock).

Loomers: Breasts. Female mammary glands.



Make a Deposit in the Body Bank: To die.

Marionette: A meat puppet.

Mary: Someone who carries a communicable disease.

Meat Puppet: A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled temporarily.

Meat Rack: A house of ill repute.

Medusa: Someone who is ugly or scary

Mentat: Brainy individual, specifically one who will stare at a problem without moving for a while and come up with an answer without doing any apparent intermediate steps.

Mivonks: A slang term for part of the male reproductive anatomy. Literally; testicles. Often used in a derogatory sense as in ‘being led around by his mivonks’.

Monkey: The business term for an expendable person. (See also Scratch Monkey.)

Monkey Trick: A job in which a monkey is not expected to survive intact.

Morningstar: Generic term for incendiary or fragmentation grenades or devices.

Mudder: A miner



Naff: Used to describe something that is lame or uncool.

Nerfer: Sebacean derogatory slang for someone who plays by the book, such as ‘dork’ or ‘loser’.

Ninja: A freelance assassin.

Null Persp: A slang expression meaning, ‘no problem’, ‘all right’, or ‘affirmative’. From the archaic expression, ‘no sweat’.



Oo’zhas: Awful. Terrible.

Output: Boyfriend, male companion.



Paddy: Student or child (Taken from the word Padawan used by the Jedi Cult)

Paranoid: Someone who has all the facts.

Paydata: Datafile worth money on the black market.

Peep: Someone who possesses ESP

Perp: Perpetrator. A criminal or suspected criminal.


  • A freakish-looking individual.
  • Perverse or perverted.

Pewnkah: A derogatory term meaning ‘low-life’.

Picard: A person who commits genocide

Pink: Substandard, cheap, useless, a ‘lemon’. Translation of the Andorian word bouf. [Andorian usage]

Pink-Skin: A Human. (Derogatory – Andorian usage)

Pinky: A human child. (Derogatory – Andorian usage)

Phaser Dust: A reference to someone hit by a disruptor or phaser and disintegrated.

Plock: A term meaning crap or dren. (Tavlek origin)

Points: A Vulcan or Romulan. Refers to distinctive Vulcanoid ear shape. (Derogatory)

Precog: Someone who can see the future

Priyatel: Buddy or friend.

Prosti: Prostitute

Pyro: A Pyrokinetic



Quakers: Missiles or rockets.



R&P: ‘Rape and Pillage’. To engage in an activity with excessive force or violence.

Rainbow File: The research and development data of a company.

Ramjammer: A decker, more often a juggler, addicted to violent confrontations in the Matrix.

Ray-Ban Mode: Wearing goggles or other eyewear.

Reconfig: To kill or die in a particularly messy fashion, usually with a knife.


  • A Mook
  • An expendible person
  • Starfleet Security Personel

Retro: A person who knows psychometry and can see into the past

Ridgehead: A Klingon. Refers to distinctive Klingon cranial ridge. (Derogatory)

Ridge Out: To be consumed by a violent rage and lose all emotional control. Refers to Klingon tendency to violent temperament.

Rimbo: A gun-totting sex kitten (e.g., a rambo bimbo).

Risathra: The act of having sex outside of one’s species, though still within the sapient hominids.

Rok’Dar: A killer who prefers to cut their victims. From the Skagaran word for Butcher.

Rock: To kick or punch someone violently, especially in the head. Derived from the Jailhouse Rock fighting style.

Roller: A colonist on the move to his new home.

Rommie: A Romulan. (Derogatory)



Scabber: A miner (Derogatory- Comes from the number of cuts and bruises that most miners have)

Scratch Monkey: Any expendable substitute used in place of a more valuable item, on the off chance that it might be damaged or destroyed.

Sensors Locked: To become fixated on a member of the opposite sex.

Shiny: Good or valuable.


  • Term for male private parts. (Nebari origin)
  • Underwear.

Skat: A gross-looking individual.

Skeleton: All the collected electronic records kept on an individual; their electronic identity.

Skirt: An ordinary (defenseless) person (male or female.)

Slimer: A Hutt (Derogatory)

Slit: A slang term for a female.

Slit-Face: A Bolian (Derogatory)

Smurf: A Bolian (Derogatory)

Smurfet: Someone who has sex with a Bolian.

Snowhead: An Andorian. (Derogatory)

Snurch: To steal or borrow without permission.

So Ka: I understand, I get it.

Soother: A Psychic Healer

S.O.P.: Any set of standing orders, used when commo is compromised. From ‘Standard Operating Procedures’.

SOTA: State of the Art

Space Happy: Someone who has gone insane due to isolation in space.

Sparky: An Electrokinetic

Sphincter Sense: Someone who seems to possess an extraordinary danger sense.

Spoonhead: A Cardassian. Refers to spoon-shaped ridge on a Cardassian’s forehead. (Derogatory – Bajoran origin)

State of the Art: (Aka SOTA)

  • Hipper than Hip.
  • To be on the edge (usually technologically).

Stiv: To urinate.


  • To have sex.
  • To forget about something.

Stunning: Mind-bogglingly stupid. Used sarcastically.

Surprise Party: An ambush.


  • Derogatory term for someone with honor.
  • A bastard.

Swag: A commodity worth money on the black market. See Paydata.

Swarm: Any large nomad convoy.




  • Name, handle or trademark.
  • To grab or take something.
  • To mark destinctively.

Tagged: Equipped with a tracking device. Recognized.

Tanj: A mild expletive decrying ‘the unfairness of it all’. From the acronym, ‘There Ain’t No Justice’!

Tanstaafl: A mild expletive decrying ’nothing’s free’. From the acronym, ‘There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch’!

Techno Scum: A personally very unpleasant, but technically brilliant individual.

Teek: A Telekinetic

Teep: A Telepath

Throwback: Derogatory term for an exotic.

Tight Interfacing: To have sex.

Tin Can: A suit of powered armor.

Tinked: Slang term used in an expression of disbelief.

Tralk: A disparaging slang term, which seems to be slightly versatile in use, but mainly to mean, trollop, slut, or amoral individual. (Sebacean origin)

Tuning Up: The street term for the act of beating a prisoner/captive to elicit a confession.

Turn-n-Burn: A tactical retreat.

Turtlehead: A Klingon. (see Ridgehead) (Derogatory)

Twinkie: A naive, defenseless, vulnerable, or otherwise useless person.

Twitch: A careless, scatter-brained, or otherwise unreliable individual.

Twitchers: Any weapon set on Stun.

TTS: Watch your back. From the acronym ‘Trust The Sphincter’.



Underware: A slang term for form-fitting body armor.



Veruul: Fool (Romulan)

Vigilar: Traitor, deviant, or double-dealer.

Void: Someone who has the ability to negate psionic and/or supernatural energies

Votch: To vomit.

Vulcanised: Something that has been made more complex or intricate than necessary.



Wakatta: ‘All right, I understand’.

Warp Off: To leave as quickly as possible.

Wilson: A survivor of a colony or starship disaster.

Word: The latest gossip or rumors on the street.

Wysiwyg: ‘Wizzy-wig’, ‘no nonsense’. From the acronym, ‘What You See Is What You Get’.



Xamm: Fast, quick, moving with great speed



Yank-n-Bank: Take evasive action.

Yellow-Back: Starfleet Engineer

Yono: A person who is scum or a low life. (From the Korean Yonomoseki).

Yotz: An exclamation of frustration. (From the Hynerian word for God)



Zeus: Someone who is really badass.

Ziffle: A Tellarite. (Derogatory – Origin unknown)

Zipper-Head: A Bolian (Derogatory)

Zwilnik: A drug dealer



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