Degrees of Success

Margin of Success Result Effect
Fail by 5+ Dramatic Failure Catastrophic results with cinematic effects, gain a point of negative renown if witnessed
Fail by 3-4 Total Failure No damage done, no chance of a retry, takes 5 times longer to complete
Fail by 1-2 Partial Failure No damage done, may retry, may retry at +2 difficulty, takes twice as long to complete
0 (Rolled exactly what was needed Barely succeeded Minimum Damage, May retry at +1 Difficulty, Takes the normal amount of time
Succeed by 1-2 Moderate success Half Damage, normal amount of time
Succeed by 3-4 Complete Success Normal Damage, half the time
Succeed by 5+ Dramatic Success Maximum Damage, 1/4 the time, gain a point of renown if witnessed


Force Skills Psionic Skills Mystical Skills Special Skills


Acrobatics [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Balance, Breakfall, Floor Exercise, Gymnastics, Parallel Bars, Rings, Rope Swinging, Acrobatic Dodge

Administration [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Bureaucratic Manipulation, Conspiracy, Logistics, Specific Planetary Government, Organized Crime Family, Starship Administration, Business Administration

Animal Handling [Presence]

  • Specializations: Specific Animal Type [Camel, Dog, Horse, Cardassian Riding Hound, and the like]

Area Knowledge [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Area
  • Specializations: Nightlife, Artistic Centers, Loose Women, Parks, Black Market, Spas

Armorer [Intellect]

  • Class: Battlesuits, Body Armor, Energy Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Vehicular Armor
  • Specializations: Specific Weapon or Armor Type

Artistic Expression [Class] [Presence]

  • Classes: Acting, Body Art, Calligraphy, Cooking, Dancing, Drawing, Drums, Guitar, Illumination, Interior Decorating, Landscaping, Painting, Piano, Pottery, Set Design, Sculpting, Singing, Woodworking
  • Specializations: Specific Medium or Style

Assassination [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Devices, Poisons and Snares

Athletics [Fitness]

  • Specializations: Climbing, Jumping, Lifting, Running, Specific Sport, Swimming

Bargaining [Presence]

  • Specializations: Market Goods, Labor Services, Contraband, Black Market Services, Commodities, Specialty Services, Forbidden Technology, etc.

Bar Tending [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Mixology, Listening

Behavior Modification [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Hypnotism, Hypno-Ligature, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion, Resistance, Slave Training

Blind Fighting [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Ranged Attack, Melee Attack, Ranged Defense, Melee Defense

Charm [Presence]

  • Specializations: Specific Race, Carousing, Flirting, Seduction, Social Grace, Influence, Sex Appeal

Command [Presence]

  • Specializations: Combat Leadership, Military Training, Starship Command, Space Station Command, Civilian Attaché, Police Enforcement

Computer [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Computer Simulation/Modeling, Data Alteration/Hacking, Programming, Research, Specific Species/Government Computers

Concealment [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Cache Supplies, Conceal Smuggled Objects, Conceal Weapon, Camouflage

Craft [Varies]

  • Classes: Chef, Jeweler, Potter, Tailor
  • Specializations: Specific Medium or Style

Culture [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Culture
  • Specializations: Music, Literature, Humor, Politics, Religion, Artwork

Current Affairs [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Business, Headline News, High Culture, People, Politics, Popular Culture, Regional, Science & Technology, Sports, Travel
  • Specializations: Specific Culture, Specific Planet, Specific Company

Demolitions [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Bomb Disposal, Booby Traps, Land Mines, Nuclear Demolitions, Primitive Demolitions, Shipboard Demolitions

Diplomacy [Presence]

  • Specializations: Commercial Treaties, Federation Law, Intergalactic Affairs, Intergalactic Law, Negotiation, Specific Planetary Affairs

Disguise [Presence]

  • Specializations: Specific Race

Dodge [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Unarmed, Flexible Melee Weapon, Rigid Melee Weapon, Slow Moving Projectile [e.g., Thrown Weapon], Fast Moving Projectile [e.g., Arrow, Quarrel, Bullet], Ranged Energy Weapon

Economics [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Industry [Specific], Homeworld [Specific], House [Specific], Spacing Industry

Engineering: Material [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Aeronautical/Aerodynamic, Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Personal Equipment, Structural/Spaceframe, Temporal Drive, Vehicular

Engineering: Propulsion [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Fusion, Impulse, Ion, Rocketry, Shuttlecraft Propulsion Systems, Hyperdrive, Warp Drive, etc.

Engineering: Systems [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Transporter Systems, Cloaking Device, Computer Systems, Environmental Systems, Communication Systems, Diagnostics, Sensor Systems, Weapon Systems, Jury Rigging

Engineering: Theoretical [Intellect]

  • Prerequisite: An Engineering skill at level 3
  • Specializations: Subspace field geometry, Transporter Theory, Warp Theory, Temporal Induction Theory, Theoretical Mathematics

Espionage [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Counterintelligence, Covert Communications, Cryptography, Forgery, Observation, Species Specific Intelligence Techniques, Traffic Analysis, Image Analysis

Esoteric Medicine [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Ayurvedic Medicine, Chi Treatment, Hermetic Medicine, Yin/Yang Healing, or any other historical or fictional healing discipline

Exploit Weakness [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Martial Art Style or Specific Person

Fast-Draw [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Specific Weapon Type and type of holster/sheath [e.g. [pistol/shoulder holster, sword/belt sheath, rifle/slung, etc.]

Fast-Talk [Presence]

  • Specializations: Specific Person

First Aid [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Species, Wound/Combat Trauma, Chemical/Biological First Aid

Gaming [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Game

Gunnery [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Maintenance, Operation, Repair, Specific Weapon Type [Beam Weapons, Rocket, Machineguns, etc.]

History [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Planet, Race, or Organization
  • Specializations: Specific Area of History [e.g., Military, Renaissance, Corporate, Ancient, etc.]

Infiltration [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Contingencies, Diversions, Escape, Security Counter-Measures

Impersonation [Presence]

  • Specializations: Disguise, Mimicry, Personality

Instruction [Presence]

  • Specializations: Critical Thinking, Exocultural, Teaching

Interrogation [Presence]

  • Specializations: Enticement, Coercion, Pain-Induction, Questioning, Torture

Intimidation [Presence]

  • Specializations: Bluster, Cross-Examination, Resistance

Knowledge [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Subject [e.g., Vulcan, Poetry, Earth Art History, Klingon Opera, etc.]
  • Specializations: Specific Sub-Set of Knowledge

Law [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Government or Society [Federation, Klingon, Bajoran]
  • Specializations: Specific Field of Law [Criminal, Military Regulations, Contract, Trade]

Mediation [Presence]

  • Specializations: Civil, Commercial, Family, Political

Merchant [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Accounting, Banking, Financing, Investing, Tithing, Acquisitions, Enterprising, Funding, Trade, Specific Market, Stolen Goods

Mimicry [Presence]

  • Specializations: Specific Species [e.g., Klingons, Vulcans]

Personal Equipment [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Equipment Type [e.g., Construction Equipment, Tricorder, Communcator, Universal Translator, etc]
  • Specializations: Specific Use of the Equipment [Scanning for life forms, Scanning for explosives, Assessing health, etc.] or Specific Unit [Combat Tricorder, Security Tricorder, Medical Tricorder, etc]

Persuasion [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Debate, Storytelling, Oratory

Pharmacy [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Medicines, Narcotics, Poisons

Philosophy [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Philosophy [e.g., Vulcan, Federation, Klingon, Ferengi]

Planetary Navigation [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Land, Air, Sea, Undersea, Specific Planet, Specific Area

Planetary Tactics [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Guerilla Warfare, Mechanized Warfare, Naval Combat, Small Unit Tactics, Calvary, Stronghold Defense

Planetside Survival [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Atmosphere Type, Specific Climate, Specific Planet, Subterranean, Urban, Wilderness

Politics [Intellect]

  • Specializations: House [Specific], Institution [Specific], Propaganda, Specific Government, Federation

Propaganda [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Analysis, Dissemination, Misinformation

Psychology [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Abnormal Psychology, Diagnosis, Forensic Psychology, Lie Detection, Psycoanalysis, Psychiatry, Psychology [Specific Race or Culture], Xenopsychology

Quick Strike [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Specific Weapon Type or Martial Art

Racketeering [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Blackmail, Bribery, Extortion, False Testimony

Ritualism [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Exploitation, Identification, Seeding

Sabotage [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Demolitions, Monkey-Wrenching, Short-Circuiting

Science: Life [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Agronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Ecology, Exobiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Paleontology, Zoology

Science: Medical [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Exo-Anatomy, Forensics, General Medicine, Pathology, Specific Species, Surgical Specialization [Heart Surgeon, Brain Surgeon, Etc.], Toxicology, Virology

Science: Physical [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Physics, Aerodynamics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Temporal Physics

Science: Planetary [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Climatology, Geology, Hydrology, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Planetology, Volcanology

Science: Social [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Archeology, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Historical Engineering, Paleontology, Sociology, , Specific Culture

Science: Space [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Astrogation, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Stellar Cartography, Subspace Field Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Warp Field Theory

Search [Intellect]

Security [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Enforcement, Shields, Surveillance, Systems

Sexual Technique [Fitness]

  • Specializations: Specific Race, Specific Person, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, Tantric Yoga, Kissing, Foreplay, Erotic Art

Shipboard Systems [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Culture or Race [Examples: Federation, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Jem’Hadar, etc.]
  • Specializations: Cloaking Device, Command, Environmental Control, Flight Control, Hyperspace Controls, Weapon Systems, Mission Ops, Sensors, Tactical, Temporal Systems, Transporters

Sleight of Hand [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Magic Tricks, Pick Pockets

Soldier [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Personal Equipment, Bivouac, Combat Readiness

Starship Tactics [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Planetary Support Tactics, Species Specific Tactics, Boarding Tactics

Statecraft [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Entreaty, Intrigue, Petition, Pressure, Threats

Stealth [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Ambushing, Hiding, Prowling, Stalking

Strategic Operations [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Defense in Depth, Invasion Strategies, Neutral Zone Strategies, Species Specific Strategies, Specific Zone or Sector Strategies

Streetwise [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Market, Locate Contraband, Orion Syndicate, Underworld of a Specific Planet

Subterfuge [Presence]

  • Specializations: Artifice, Equivocation, Mind Games, Perjury

Surveillance [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Bugging, Electronic Surveillance, Shadowing, Standard Surveillance

Theology [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Orange Catholicism, Zensunni, Ancient Teachings [Buddislamic Variants, Mahayana Lankavatara, Navachristianity, Zen Hekiganshu, Tawrah and Talmuddic Zabur, Obeah Ritual, Muad Quran, etc.]

Tracking [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Planet, Specific Animal Class [Canine, Feline, and so on], Bipedal

Unarmed Combat [Coordination]

  • Specializations: Specific Fighting Style or Martial Art

Underworld [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Black Markets, Crime Rings [Arms, Narcotics, Slaving, Smuggling], and Specific Homeworlds [Arrakis, Giedi Prime, Richese, etc.]

Vehicle Operation [Class] [Coordination or Intellect]

  • Classes: Atmospheric Craft, Ground Craft, Space Craft, Water Craft
  • Specializations: Specific Type of Vehicle [e.g., for Ground Vehicles this could be Automobile, Motorcycle, or Truck; for Athmospheric Craft it could be Aircraft, Helicopter, or Glider]

Ventriloquism [Intellect]

Wardrobe & Style [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Make-up, Fashion, Current Style Trends, Sexy Attire

Weapon Skills [Class] [Coordination]

  • Classes: Fencing Weapons, Flails, Guns, Impact Weapons, Knives/Daggers, Pole Weapons, Swords, Throwing, Whips, Bat’Leth, Kusari, Lightsaber, Tonfa
  • Specializations: Specific Weapon Type [Chaka, Monowire Whip, Rapier], or Martial Art

World Knowledge [Class] [Intellect]

  • Classes: Specific Planet
  • Specializations: People, Culture, Government, Lifeforms, Ecology, Geography

Special Skills


Alchemy [Intellect]

  • Prerequisite: Magic
  • Specializations: Herbalism, Longevity Elixirs, Medicinal Unguents, Love Potions, Acids

Body Knowledge [Intellect]

  • Prerequisite: Body Reading 3

Body Reading [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Specific Race

Computation [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Probability Computation, Straight-Line Computation, Comparative Induction

Control Body [Presence]

Enhance Coodination [Presence]

Enhance Fitness [Presence]

Force Alchemy [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Force 3, Essence 1
  • Specializations: Talismans, Holocrons, Body Modification

The Look [Presence]

Mask Force [Intellect]

  • Prerequisite: Mind Shield

Master Body [Presence]

  • Prerequisite: Control Body

Meditation [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Resting, Focus, Healing, Specific Religion

Mentalist Trance [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Factoring, Memorize, Recall

Mind Bar [Presence]

  • Prerequisite: Mind Shield

Mind Shield [Presence]

Projection [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Approximation Analysis, Factual Analysis, Proximity Hypothesis, Zero-Bias Matrices

The Way [Intellect]

  • Specializations: Minutia, Petit Betrayals

Truthtrance [Intellect]

Voice [Presence]

  • Specializations: Command, Intimidation, Suggestion

Force Skills


Absorb/Dissipate Energy [Force]

Affect Mind [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy

Battle Meditation [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy, Empathy, and Affect Mind

Battle Mind [Force]

Beast Language [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy 2, Translation 1

Bolt of Hatred [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Tainted by the Dark Side

Cloak [Force]

Empathy [Force]

Farseeing [Force]

Force Bond [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Merge Mind and Telepathy

Force Healing [Force]

Force Leap [Force]

Force Lightning [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Must be tainted with the Dark Side

Force of Will [Force]

Force Speed [Force]

Force Trance [Force]

Friendship [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy

Inflict Pain/Pleasure [Force]

Injure/Kill [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telekinesis and Inflict Pain/Pleasure

Instinctive Astrogation [Force]

Ionize [Force]

Kinetic Combat [Force]

Memory Enhancement [Force]

Merge Mind [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy

Move Object [Force]

Prescience [Force]

Purification [Force]

Rage [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Tainted by the Dark Side

Reflective Mindshield [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Mind Shield 3

Sense Force [Force]

Sense Path [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Sense Force & Telepathy

Sever Force [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy 3, Affect Mind 3, Sense Force 3

Telepathy [Force]

Transfer Force [Force]

Translation [Force]

  • Prerequisite: Telepathy 2

Mystical Skills


Channeling [Essence]

  • Prerequisite: Essense attribute of 1+ and the advantage Magically Gifted
  • Specializations: Specific Magical Tradition

Psionic Skills


Ballistakinesis [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Telekinesis 3 and Psi 3+

Blind the Senses [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Mislead the Senses 2

Confuse the Senses [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Telepathy 2

Electromanipulation [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Telekinesis 3 and Psi 3+

Empathic Attack [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Empathy 3

Empathic Healing [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Empathy 3

Farsense [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Visions 3

Healing Touch [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Healing Trance 2 and Mind Meld 3

Healing Trance [Psi]

Induce Trance [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Telepathy 2

Levitate [Psi]

Mind Control [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Telepathy 3

Mind Meld [Psi]

Mislead the Senses [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Confuse the Senses

Obscure [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Confuse the Senses

Precognition [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Visions 2

Projective Empathy [Psi]

Projective Telepathy [Psi]

Prophesy [Psi]

Psionic Negation [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Must be Human & Mind Shield 3

Psychosense [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Must be Human, Receptive Telepathy 2

Receptive Empathy [Psi]

Receptive Telepathy [Psi]

Reflective Mindshield [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Mind Shield 3

Share Mind [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Mind Meld 3

Technokinesis [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Electromanipulation 2, Telekinesis 3, and Psi 4+
  • Specializations: Specific Machine

Telekinesis [Psi]

Telekinetic Manipulation [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Telekinesis 3 and Psi 2+
  • Specializations: Specific Skill

Thermokinesis [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Telekinesis 3 and Psi 2+

Thought Bomb [Psi]

  • Prerequisite: Projective Telepathy 2

Visions [Psi]


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