Shark, Denchar Swarm

Young Denchar Sharks are nuisance animals that are killed and served in many eating establishments. Occassionally, a school of sharks become frenzied and attacks every living thing in their path until sated or dead. When this happens the best option is to seek cover fast.

Shark Swarm Template
  • Fitness 5
  • Coordination 5
  • Instinct 1
    • Ferocity +8
  • Presence 2
  • Psi 0
  • Force 0
  • Essence 0
  • Natural Weapons 3
Typical Traits
  • Compound Retinas (+2)
  • Natural Weapons: Bite (Damage 1+1d) (+2)
    • This damage represents dozens of ineffectual bites
  • Nictating Membranes (+1)
  • Excellent Chemoreception (+1)
  • Excellent Hearing (+2)
  • Excellent Metabolism (+1)
  • Excellent Sight (+2)
  • Swarm Vitality (+4)

New Trait: Swarm Vitality (+4)

When a swarm forms, it consists of many dozens of sharks, all under 50cm in length. Killing individual sharks is easy, but with so many the swarm takes on a vitality of its own. The swarm gains 4 extra Stunned life rows. Every point of damage done by an attack kills or incapacitates several actual sharks, which are consumed by the swarm itself.

Shark, Denchar Swarm

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