The Selay are a carnivorous humanoid reptilian species native to the planet Selay. The Selay are long-standing enemies with a neighboring species, the Anticans.

Selay Species Template
  • Fitness 2(5)
    • Strength +1
  • Coordination 2(5)
    • Reaction +1
    • Dexterity -1
  • Intellect 2(5)
  • Presence 2(5)
  • Psi 2(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture: Selay 2(3)
  • History: Selay 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Selay 1(2)
  • Science, Any 1(2)
  • Streetwise 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Selay [Fluent/R/W] (+4)
  • Excellent Chemoreception (+1)
  • Natural Weapons, Fangs (Damage 1+1d) (+2)
  • Natural Weapons, Venom (Damage 1+1d per round for 1d+1 rounds) (+4)
  • Heat Sense (+1)
  • Cold Intolerance (-3)

New Traits

Cold Intolerance (-3)

When subjected to temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, a ‘pure’ Selay suffers 1 point of Stun damage every 5 minutes. This damage does not heal until the temperature rises to 10 degrees Celsius or above. Once the character has lost all of his Wound Points to stun damage, he begins to take 1 point of lethal damage every 3 minutes until he dies or the temperature rises to 10 degrees Celsius or above.

Heat Sense (+1)

Selayans possess an unusual organ that allows them to sense heat, detecting presence, location, and temperature at a 90 degree angle from their front. This is not the ability to see heat but rather to feel it. When making an Skill test or Perception test to detect heat, they gain +2 on the roll. This ability can be used to detect any heat source with a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius. This ability will not detect heat through a solid barrier but may detect the temperature of the barrier itself.


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