While there are huge variations across the whole of the Scarran population, most range from 1.8 to 2.3 meters tall and weigh from 80 to 140 kilograms. Scarrans have a bulky build, especially in their upper body, which makes them appear ungainly. This perception is furthered by the large head and neck found on most Scarrans, giving them a top-heavy appearance. The Scarrans have a predatory facial structure with a pronounced nose and brow ridge. Hair sprouts on their chin and the top of their head, but nowhere else on their body. Their skin is normally a light bluish-grey color, but can vary from very light to very dark.

Scarrans have a body temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, making their scaly skin hot to the touch. Most races find the touch of a Scarran disconcerting, but not painful. When Scarrans become physically exhausted or agitated they tend to release excess heat through their mouth, often creating a slight visual distortion from the resulting heat waves. Scarrans normally live for around two hundred cycles, but this number is decreasing due to pollution in their Territories and the stressful nature of Scarran culture.

Background: Manipulative, vicious, and ambitious, Scarrans are almost universally distrusted. Add to this the fact that they are powerfully built, intelligent, and possess both a high level of technology and strong metaphysical powers, and it’s not surprising that Scarrans are also widely feared.

The Scarrans regularly meddle in the affairs of other worlds, and tend to be manipulative both individually and as a society. While many Scarrans are malicious and controlling, not all fit that stereotype. Once away from their society, some have demonstrated much more relaxed and humane psychologies. Most are well educated. Because of their nature, their leadership often trains them for duties that other cultures consider criminal, such as pirates and scavengers. Having representatives among such elements often provides the Scarrans with important information.

Personality: Scarrans have low, gravelly voices that sound threatening, even when they do not wish it. They are very hot-blooded – when angry, their breath causes minor distortions of light, much like hot sand in the desert. Their body, which usually has a dermal temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, also radiates heat, but not enough to be dangerous to most species.

Scarran Species Template
  • Fitness 3(6)
    • Strength +1
    • Vitality +1
  • Coordination 2(4)
    • Reaction -1
  • Intellect 2(5)
  • Presence 2(5)
    • Empathy -2
  • Psi 0(6)
  • Force 0(6)
  • Essence 0(6)
  • Culture: Scarran 2(3)
  • History: Scarran 1(2)
  • World Knowledge: Scarran Homeworld 1(2)
  • Engineering: Any 1(2)
  • Intimidation 1(2)
  • Science: Any 2(3)
  • Subterfuge 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Scarran (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Natural Body Armor: 2 Points (+1)
  • Thermal-Sensitive Gland (+2)
    • Scarrans have a special gland, located in their upper left torso (approximately near where the heart is located in a human), that provides Scarrans with exceptional resistance to heat; in fact, Scarrans thrive in it. The gland has the following characteristics:
      • Heat Preference: +1 die on all Fitness-based and Coordination-based tasks performed in hot conditions (approx. 100 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter). In extreme heat (150 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter), the bonus is +2 dice.
      • Increased Durability: +2 Resistance versus all energy (pulse) weapon damage and damage from fire/heat.
      • Cold Intolerance: -1 die penalty on all Fitness, Coordination, and Intellect-based tasks performed in cold conditions (approx. 32 degrees Fahrenheit or colder). In extreme cold (0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder), the penalty is -2 dice.
  • Toughness (+2)
  • Domineering (-1)
  • Intolerant: Non-Scarrans (-3)

New Early Life: High-Born Scarran (+5)

  • Any Force Skill 1(2)
  • Force +1

New Background: High-Caste Scarran (+10)

  • Inflict Pain/Pleasure 2(3)
  • Force +1
  • Range +1
  • Logic +1


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