• Profile: Homeworld
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Primary Terrain: Mountainous
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Atmosphere: Standard
  • Hydrographics: Moderate
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Native Sapients: Chabuli (see below)
  • Population: Hundreds of Millions
  • Government: Governor
  • Tech Level: Interstellar

Savuul is the homeworld of the Chabuli and the center of their civilization. Since the coming of the Terrans, their world has been under a governorship, with various laws and regulations in place designed to simultaneously assimilate the Chabuli into Terran society and to curb their resistance to this very process. Neither has met with much success, but, thanks to the presence of Terran garrisons, the planet has not seen any major incidents of violence in several years.

The Chabuli

The Chabuli are a sapient species native to Savuul/Five Stars. A proud species with a history of many accomplishments before their disastrous first contact with Terran civilization, they have since fallen on hard times and only time will tell if they can rise above their current circumstances and reclaim their birthright among the stars.


The Chabuli are non-humanoid sapients. Their basic physiognomy might be called ‘centauroid’ in that their upper bodies rest on top of long four-legged lower bodies, giving a vague similarity to centaurs from Terran mythology. The upper body possesses two arms, ending in multi-fingered hands, and a head with two eyes sheltered by a bony ridge. Chabuli skin is covered with a layer of fur that varies in length, with the longest strands looking somewhat like feathers in appearance to the uninitiated. Chabuli also possess a tail with which they balance themselves.

The Chabuli are a two-gendered viviparous species with certain similarities to Terran marsupials. Their young are born live but spend approximately 20 standards months inside a pouch in their mothers’ undersides. During this time, they are nourished by enriched blood that they draw from teats inside the pouch. Adult Chabuli retain a liking for the taste of blood, making them primarily carnivorous in diet. Chabuli fertility is quite low, though, with a typical Chabuli female giving birth to no more than two offspring over the course of her lifetime, resulting in a very slow rate of population growth, almost to the point of stasis.


Psychologically, the Chabuli have many of the same basic drives and thought patterns as Terrans, but with many differences as well. Of course, their psychology is profoundly affected by their physiology, particularly their low birth rate. This manifests in a great concern for the future and a tendency toward risk aversion. Compared to Terrans, Chabuli may seem timid and overly thoughtful to the point of indecision. This is not in fact the case and once Chabuli have committed themselves to a course of action, they pursue it with a single-minded gusto is a match for that of Terran zeal.


The Chabuli arose to intelligence on the planet Savuul and quickly dominated it. As their technology advanced, they eventually developed the D-Drive and established a small interstellar state called the Chabuli Union. The Union grew slowly and was thus no match for the might of the Terrans, who easily overwhelmed them after a series of diplomatic incidents that convinced the Terrans that conquest of the Chabuli Union was preferable to negotiation.


Chabuli society is extremely egalitarian, based around small families but with a keen awareness of social obligations beyond the narrow bonds of blood. From their earliest days, the Chabuli showed a preference for collaborative solutions and their governments were typically participatory democracies, a system made even easier once their technology advanced. At the same time, Chabuli society is often dismissive of dissent, particularly if a solid enough majority of the populace endorses one choice above all others. Consequently, their history is filled with many injustices against minority groups within their society. Modern Chabuli have tried hard to overcome this tendency in their culture, which is why there was initially a greater willingness to given the Terrans the benefit of the doubt after first contact. That that decision proved a poor one has reinforced their societal groupthink and fostered further conflict, often to the detriment of their species. If Chabuli society is once again to prosper, it must find a way to unite the best of its qualities with solutions that come to grips with the realities of Terran civilization. Anything less may prove an end to their unique way of life.

Traits [Non-LUG System]

Chabuli possess a Tail, in addition to 9 bonus points they may spend on additional skills and Abilities.


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