Satele Keto's Personal Log - Episode 7

Satele’s Personal Log

I ducked down an alleyway as the Starfleet patrol approached; I hoped my application of the Force still kept me hidden from their damnable tricorders – those things were quite good at what they were designed for. It’d only been a few days since I received that message from my master, the one that had filled me with elation. It felt so good to know he’d escaped whatever pit the Federation had sent him to.

I slowed as I approached the end of the alley. Cautiously, I peaked around the corner and saw no Starfleet personnel in the area. I noted the drinking establishment across the street and started across the street to it. As I entered and made my way to a booth, my thoughts turned to Nathan and his mission; he had gone to the travel port to see if he could reach any of his contacts and discover a way off this planet. Failing that, the two of us would have to find a place to lay low and hope the increased Federation presence would die down. That probably wouldn’t happen too quickly, however, so I hoped another option would present itself.

The shadows of the bar brightened as the door opened and two Starfleet officers entered, a Human and an Andorian. The two split up, with the Andorian approaching me. She was appraising me as she approached, so I steeled my features and hoped I gave nothing away. My lightsaber was on my thigh, so I moved my hand a little closer though I kept it above the table. I hoped I wouldn’t be forced to kill these two – they were doing nothing wrong, but I would not allow them to put the cause in danger.

She stopped about two meters from me – far enough to be out of a saber’s reach. She traded niceties with me, and then started her questions. They were the standard sort, nothing that alarmed me. I answered her carefully, avoiding lies when I could – there were too many telepaths around, and I don’t fully trust this ‘Code of Sentience’ they profess to follow.
As she interviewed me, her PADD device beeped. She glanced at it, reading quickly, then looked up at me. As our eyes met I could see the spark of recognition; she knew I was her quarry. I tensed, ready to spring into action, but she just thanked me and turned around. She met the other officer at the door and the two left the cantina.

I sat and waited a few minutes, my lightsaber in my hand under the table. When no Starfleet personnel burst into the bar to arrest me, I took my leave through the second door. There was no Starfleet personnel to be seen, but I ducked down another alley and started to move a little quicker to my quarters. I don’t know what had happened in there. I have no doubt that Andorian knew I was the person she was looking for. Perhaps the Jedi yet have allies in this galaxy.

When I reached my quarters I packed quickly. I hoped Nathan would return with good news; the Federation was getting better at searching for us – that or they were getting luckier. Either way, we needed to get off this planet and find a new place to set up.

Satele Keto's Personal Log - Episode 7

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