Rigel X

  • Planet Name: Rigel X, or Kolhor (technically, Rigel Xb, but colloquially referred to as “Rigel X”)
  • Class: H
  • Moons or Rings: Kolhor is a large moon orbiting a Class J superjovian (the proper “Rigel X”)
  • Gravity: 0.8 G
  • Climate: Thin atmosphere, frozen hydrosphere (45%), cold temperature
  • Demographics: 100,000 Orions, 2 million mixed species
  • Civilization: Commercial and cosmopolitan, corporate government
  • Resources: Trade location, antimatter and helium-3 processing

The climate of Kolhor ranges from cold and snowy to simply extremely cold. Only the radiant heat emitted by Rigel X (a Class-J gas giant twice the size of Jupiter) keeps the surface livable at all, and that just barely. Almost all activities on the moon take place indoors in one of the many trade entrepots that make up Kolhor Station. Kolhor Station lies on a libration point, where Rigel X is visible for half the time and invisible the other half. The station covers approximately 400 square kilometers of Kolhor’s frozen surface, primarily landing docks and repair bays open to Kolhor’s thin oxygen-argon atmosphere. The station’s supply bays, workshops, homes, and nightspots burrow kilometers beneath the icy crust of the moon, and even long-time residents can get lost if they venture outside their native pod.


Founded in the time of the Fourth Empire (on the site of an earlier Orion research facility), Kolhor Station has been a primary trade entrepot for visitors to the Rigel system for 30,000 years. By now, civilizations whose navigational records have completely forgotten any other world in the system contain complete data for Rigel X. Its Fourth Empire defense grid keeps it relatively safe from all but overwhelming attacks. With security and position (far enough outside Rigel’s gravity well to make even primitive space navigation easier) comes trade. The station provides helium-3 and antimatter (mined and refined from Rigel X orbit), food (replicated or grown hydroponically on site), water (melted from Kolhor’s frozen seas), and a myriad of other supplies and services (including decadent R&R facilities only topped by Rigel II) to passing ships; with the reopening of the Rigel XII dilithium mines, Kolhor has only become more prosperous. Traders, spies, mercenaries, and starship officers from a hundred worlds mix and mingle on Kolhor Station, the gateway between the mysteries of Rigel and the wider universe beyond.

Rigel X

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