Rexar's Personal Log - Episode 7

Where would I be without my buddy Karr? He saved me from that commerce dump and brought me back to DS9 where I was owed a little bitty. I went to see Garn and after helping him to a good dose of calcium by beating his teeth down his throat, he paid up. Not they way I had intended by still he paid me something. A map, a map to a Bajoran ruin that was supposed to have treasures inside. I doubt I will find anything but still I must go. If it doesn’t pan out, then I will go see Garn again and the next time I will break more than his teeth.

I presented the map to the Captain, Karr, and Jacen and they agreed to go with me. Nine hours later we were hiking through a blasted swamp. The bugs are the size of my fist and the place smells like a compost factory. Once we found the ruins we started looking around and the ground gave way. When the dust cleared we found ourselves deep under the earth in a dark chamber. After looking around we realized we were trapped in the damned ruin we came to explore. Nothing left to do but search we started.

We found a lot of figurines of ancient folk and they moved and played out scenes of primitive life. After giving the Captain and crew a chance to grab stuff, I pocketed the lot of them. I feel them squiggling around in my pocket as I record this. Karr used his tricorder and got us past a few traps and around some ancient mechanical doors. The tentacles that tried to kill Jacen were the things that have unnerved me the most about this place. What the hell kind of monster lives in one meter of water and has five meter long tentacles. I blasted the roof and caused a cave in on top of the thing. Jacen almost got crushed which would have ruined my day.

I will record more later; looks like rest time is over and we still have to find a way out of this cesspit.

Rexar's Personal Log - Episode 7

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