Red Sun

Red Sun, also known as Zhu Que (Red Phoenix1) in Chinese, shares the first major orbital path around White Sun with Georgia. This is the coldest of all the stars in the verse. The worlds in orbit around Red Sun include:

  • First: Jiangyin
  • Second: New Melbourne
  • Fourth: Greenleaf, orbited by Dyton
  • Fifth: Harvest, orbited by Higgins’ Moon
  • Sixth: Saint Albans
  • Tenth: Protostar Heinlein
    • First from Heinlein: Triumph
    • Second from Heinlein: Paquin, orbited by Shinbone
    • Fourth from Heinlein: Silverhold

1 The traditional name for the Chinese constellation is sometimes given as ‘Vermilion Bird’; however the translation of this star’s name has been listed in Firefly canon material as ‘Red Phoenix’.

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Jiangyin New Melbourne Greenleaf Dyton Harvest Higgins’ Moon St Albans Heinlein Triumph Paquin Silverhold

Red Sun

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