Q'alyth Nor

  • Purpose: Commerce planet
  • Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
  • Gravity: 1.2 standard

Q’alyth Nor appears a dull gray color from space; only 10% of the planet’s surface is habitable, with a few small lakes providing the only water supply. The rest consists of a beige/gray, pasty fluid that has none of the elements or nutrients necessary to produce life of any kind. Called ‘Mollic’, the fluid has the consistency of oatmeal and the properties of quicksand. No one knows its true depth, except very near stable land masses where the depth ranges from 2-8 meters.

It’s unclear if the planet ever had an indigenous race. Rumors claim that a species once occupied the land and, out of desperation, created the right conditions to turn their planet into a commerce planet. If true, the planet’s limited ability to produce nutrients would have severely restricted the population. Such stories matter little to the current inhabitants, however. If such a race does still exist, they long ago blended into the hundreds of races that swarm the planet’s surface.

Commerce planets in the Uncharted Territories impose no rules or standards on trade, meaning a buyer with the right currency and/or enough currency can find virtually anything he desires. Q’alyth Nor is no different; business districts and warehouses cover all stable surface areas. The only apparent government seems to be the Commerce Regulatory Committee – a group consisting of the richest merchants and tradesmen. They treat all disputes which come before them as business transactions, with the highest bidder receiving a favorable judgement by the council. To suggest that such corruption causes problems would be incorrect: corruption is the only non-variable on a planet known for a dangerous underworld, staggering crime rates, and a black market so bold as to have storefronts and neon signs proclaiming their wares. The enduring corruption provides at least a modicum of stability and predictability.

Each market sector is responsible for their own security; most simply hire security teams consisting of the most dangerous dregs of Q’alyth Nor. Since the planet has no penal system, and a justice system entirely dependant upon the wealth of the accused, poor criminals (or poor suspects) often find themselves stripped of all possessions and sinking into mollic. The Commerce Regulatory Committee has no restriction on armament for visitors, so various forms of holstered hand-held weapons — and even larger firearms such as pulse rifles and the like — are common sights.

Q'alyth Nor

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