Prybella is a tropical forest planet plagued by nearly constant lightning flashes that strangely occur without wind, rain, or thunder. It has been colonized by Humans and many other species. Prybella serves as a trading post to the rest of the galaxy. It has three moons: the first, Vector, is a fire pit; the second, Talikas, is an icy world that boasts no life; and third, Fellus, is an unresearched and unexplored forest moon.

Fellus has a lopsided orbit around Prybella, and once every twenty years scratches the surface of the planet. The zone where this occurs is called the Dead Zone, because nothing lives here, including the natives. Prybella is neutral in all political dealings, trusting their native republic to support the people.

The moon of Sanik orbits Talikas, and on this moon is the Vault – a shadow reposity of some renown. In 2370 the Vault was attacked by a band of pirates armed with several powerful gunships. It was thought to have been destroyed but in the late 2380’s rumors started surfacing that the Vault was back in business. Nexus Nu’vari is the current owner/operator of the Vault and it is known that he has a band of Scarrans that serve as security for the facility.

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