Pilot droids

Droids were also used in piloting roles, both directly and indirectly. Some were used for atmospheric flight, while others were used for interstellar navigation. Droids were well-suited for piloting roles for several reasons:

  • They could be programmed with detailed schematics of a ship
  • They would not panic when under enemy fire
  • They could maintain tight formations and execute precision attack plans
  • Because of their close integration with the ship’s computers, they could monitor and repair damage to the ship far more effectively than a Human.

Because of their expendability, droid pilots did not require escape pods or other life support systems, saving cost and complexity on the ships they flew.

Notable Pilot Droids

  • FA-4 pilot droid
  • FA-5 pilot droid
  • OOM pilot battle droid
  • RX pilot droid
  • Leebo

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Pilot droids

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