Name Alyr “Cutter” Torin
Race Furian
Career Overlay Pirate: Smuggler Yarrr!
Childhood Influences Esper 2347 Birth – Learned from Mother
Adolescent Years Slave Pits 2359 Owned by an Andorian Couple
Background 1 Dueling Student Andorian Master 1
Background 2 Con Artist Apprenticeship 2365 Andorian Master 2
Tour of Duty 1 Big Con 2369 Selling bogus claims to belters
Tour of Duty 2 Alien Encounter 2371 Xenomorphs
Tour of Duty 3 Porn Star / Gigolo 2372 No gay films / No male clients
Tour of Duty 4 High Roller 2375 Life of Leisure
Tour of Duty 5 Life of the Duel 2376 Gambling in the Uncharted Territory
Tour of Duty 6 Yoshitoni Institute 2379 Joined the Syndicate
Tour of Duty 7 War Profiteering 2381 Making money off the Empire War
Tour of Duty 8 Guerilla Action 2383 Against the Empire
Tour of Duty 9 Pirate – Smuggler 2386 Takes advantage of the Situation
Tour of Duty 10 Denchar Penal Colony 2388 For Smuggling and Human Trafficking
Final Age 43


Friends Contacts Enemies
Hepzibah Raza Longknife Zhylaw
Galaxina Cin Silari Jeto Malta
Thuku Gauto Lan Tyrone Corago

People/Places/Things I desire to meet/see/own

Xizor The Market Content Not Found: myria
House of Venus Force Screen Belt
Icefall Starlight



Star Trek Late Night ottoblix