An amphibian race from Madoc, the Oro’ym were simply a myth for most of the Dark Ages before they revealed their hidden, underwater colonies to humankind. The seabed of their homeworld contains numerous ruins pointing to a once-glorious past millennia ago, and their legends imply that Oro’ym once traveled the stars serving the Anunnaki.

They are mere primitive now however, happy for what human tech they can barter for. Primitive does not mean stupid – they are crafty and highly intelligent, and their underwater abilities make them highly prized sailors or artifact hunters.

Oro’ym Species Template
  • Fitness 3(5)
  • Coordination 2(5)
  • Intellect 2(5)
  • Presence 2(5)
  • Psi 0(5)
  • Force 0(5)
  • Essence 0(5)
  • Culture, Oro’ym 2(3)
  • History, Oro’ym 1(2)
  • World Knowledge, Madoc 1(2)
  • Athletics (Swimming) 2(3)
  • Planetside Survival (Aquatic) 1(2)
  • Unarmed Combat 1(2)
Typical Traits
  • Language: Oro’ym (Fluent/R/W) (+4)
  • Gills (+2)
  • Natural Weapon: Fangs 1 (1)
  • Natural Weapon: Tail 1+1d (+3)
    • +1m per Success Level when swimming
  • Regrowth (+4)
    • The Oro’ym will regrow a severed limb or tail within four months of losing it. However, each time this occurs, the Oro’ym permanently loses one level of Fitness, although this may be raised again with experience points
  • Webbed Hands (+1)
    • +2m per Success Level when swimming
  • Requires Moisture (-5)
    • While an Oro’ym can survive without moisture for three days, he loses one level of Fitness or Vitality per hour after that limit. Once Fitness + Vitality is zero, he suffers the loss of one Wound Level per hour until he is dead. Immersion in water at any point will reverse the effects at the rate of one point/level per minute
  • Temperature Intolerance: Cold (-1)
  • Temperature Intolerance: Heat (-1)

New Skill: God Lore (Oro’ym)

Certain priestly Oro’ym can learn ancient Anunnaki ‘passwords’, phrases handed down in their language from long ago. Amazingly, these words seems to activate some Ur tech. While some words can be imitated by human speech or computer synthesizers, it seems that they are only efficacious when spoken by a living Oro’ym.

The effect of these words is not always known by the Oro’ym speaker. It is up to the gamemaster to devise their effects in a drama. Some examples are: Some phrases can waken Gargoyles but provide no command over them. Other phrases can locate or activate soul shards and philosophers stones. These phrases are wild cards. The higher the skill in this lore, the more efficacious the effect – perhaps even allowing the opening of lost jumproutes when transmitted to a jumpgate.

New Equipment: WET suit

  • TL 5
  • Cost: 2 Benefice/200 firebirds

Moisture is important for Oro’ym when they leave their watery world. The League has developed Water Environment Togs (WET suits) for them. These suits store a few gallons or water and leak this moisture from the inner layer of the suit, allowing its wearer to remain wet. The suit must be refilled weekly. A high-tech version (TL 6) is available which recycles the wearer’s own bodily fluids, purifying them in the process, allowing the wearer to drink from it and still remain moist; water and filters need to be replaced only once per month. (Cost: 4 Benefice/ 400 firebirds)


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