• Purpose: Technology/Information planet
  • Temperature: 45 degrees Celsius
  • Gravity: 0.7 standard

From space, Oolzur appears mostly red and pink. The arid terrain consists mainly of canyons and rivers, and its light gravity makes it a popular site for sky-surfing, parachuting, hang-gliding, and other recreational flying ventures. Native Oolzurans, an avian-evolved species, built skyscrapers and extremely tall, open towers and platforms along the tall canyons. These were originally intended to facilitate the hunting of other avian species, but they now serve as the basis of extended interstellar spaceports.

Agriculture is limited on Oolzur; although the natives raise flocks of small game birds and scavenger avians for food, most of the vegetation grows close to the river and canal ecosystems which cross the surface area of the planet. A perpetual haze makes artificial lights along the skyscrapers and platforms a necessity even on the brightest day, to distinguish the locations of buildings and landmarks.

High winds are not uncommon, especially in the canyons, and warning alarms sound when tornadoes move close to the urban complexes. The haze clears visibly in such weather. All of the buildings are designed to withstand high winds, and emergency shelters have been built into the natural cave networks that lie beneath most of the larger structures.


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