Official Reccommendation (A message from Admiral T'Ong)

Vice Admiral Komorov,

In regards to the Vulcan, Tu’Sutok:

Born in the former city of Jaleyl, Tu’Sutok was primarily raised in the Vulcana Regar Province of Vulcan, a place presumed to be the location of the V’Shar Headquarters (the Vulcan Bureau of Internal Security). Not much is known of the land, as the Vulcan people are a very introverted society to begin with, and become much more so when asked details of Vulcana Regar. So far, what little is known about the region is much derived from rumor, myth, and legend.

Tu’Sutok’s parents, famous throughout Vulcan, are themselves possessed of rather unusual and infamous lineage inherited from, what would seem, rather improbable, if not impossible ‘sides of the fence’, as it were. His mother, T’Shanik, renowned liaison of the V’Shar, was born daughter of Tu’Shenn, who was the son of T’Sudoc, the daughter of Sudoc, also known as Su’Muroc Tul (the ‘Bringer of Death’, roughly translated). Sudoc was most horribly renowned among the Vulcan people of the time as a vicious and merciless destroyer of his enemies when expanding the kingdom of Jaleyl, it seems. It is said that he existed as the most proficient psychic of his time, also.

In 2366, T’Shanik applied to Starfleet Academy. Though excelling in all subjects with honors and at a fantastical rate, one week before finals, she disappeared without a trace off the face of the planet (quite literally, it was later discovered). She failed Starfleet Academy in June of that year. it was discovered during the Dominion War of 2371, upon her re-emergence as Earth-side Liaison, that she had ‘been called’ to join the V’Shar. No further information or explanation was provided, but the question still remains: did anyone request more?

Tu’Sutok’s father, Tu’Shenn, is one shrouded in even more mystery than T’Shanik ever was. We know of his lineage to one called T’Nirak, supposedly the daughter of Nirak of Vulcana Regar. Though we know Vulcans to have what, to us, may seem unusually long lifespans – some over 200 years – this ‘folktale’ would make T’Nirak several thousand years old. This is not likely. As the legend goes, Nirak was slaughtered by execution by Sudoc in what seems a territorial dispute (if this is translated properly) before he had the opportunity to wed or have children. Nirak supposedly was able to raise himself from the dead using something called a ‘falter-pan’. He then had two daughters by a peasant he bedded but never married, Vular and T’Nirak. In a dispute for his favor and a rage of jealousy, Vular attacked and killed T’Nirak as she slept. Nirak, having heard of Vular’s treachery, slit the throat of his last-born and, using this ‘falter-pan’ again, raised T’Nirak from the dead, feeding her strength with the blood of her dying sister. Apparently, using this ‘falter-pan’ the way he did, he somehow harmed himself in a way he was unable to heal. He died months later, it is said, with T’Nirak by his side. She did not weep.

Cold story with lots of drama, but a story nonetheless, and hardly believable.

Tu’Sutok, at the age of five, was transported to Earth by his mother and father, and left with Magdelene Harry of Czechoslovakia, the future wife of Lt. j.g. Charles Kamarov. From the very first, he shows a remarkable interest in the natural sciences and particle technologies, theories, and observations, and was enrolled at age six in Santa Maria Elementary School in North Province, Czechoslovakia. At St. Saratoga High School, at the age of twelve, he excelled in quantum physics and gaseous anomalies, natural and unnatural sciences, metaphysics, and the martial arts. He was pulled out of high school and enrolled in Starfleet Academy Preparatory College at the age of sixteen by formal request of his father, then Attaché to Starfleet Command in the Romulan Neutral Zone. The reasoning for this request is not known at this time, but assumed to be due to the remarkable efficiency the boy showed in combat maneuvers and particle weapon design and implementation, and his lack of academic progression due to the structure of the school’s curriculum. Where his training in such tactics originated is unknown at this time. It is assumed that then-Lieutenant Kamarov trained him. Tu’Sutok graduated from the Academy in 2355 at the age of nineteen, and immediately volunteered for an extended cadet cruise in the Cadet Elite Unit for Advanced Weapons and Combat Strategies Training. In 2357, Tu’Sutok achieved the rank of Ensign, and in 2360 was commissioned to his first tour of duty in defense of the hostile frontier on the Vulcan warbird Tal’Vek, commanded by Captain T’Laki. There was nothing remarkable reported during his tour. Captain T’Laki labeled him only as ‘adequate’ and would elaborate no further. We believe there was some significant conflict of ideals between the two, possibly stemming from their different ideals regarding emotional suppression.

Ensign Tu’Sutok returned to Starfleet in April of 2361, and once again volunteered for training in the Elite Corps, this time taking a specialty in Starfleet Security specifically. By December 2360, Tu’Sutok had achieved a promotion to Lt. j.g., and on New Year’s Eve of 2360, when most were celebrating the New Year with their loved ones, he was volunteered for a tour of duty by then-Captain Dorr of Starfleet Command. Amazingly enough, he never objected openly to this and accepted the draft happily.

For tour of duty specifications, see Starfleet Record #20347-3348-SD for this officer. No other information is available at this time.

Lt. j.g. Tu’Sutok returned to Starfleet in August of 2364 for Initiate training.

For training specifications, see Starfleet Record #20347-3916-SD for this officer. No further information is available at this time.

Tu’Sutok was re-instituted into Starfleet Command at the rank of Lieutenant in 2366 by means classified to this document. Tu’Sutok was placed in tour in the Alpha Quadrant, aboard the NCC51425-C USS Agamemnon, after it was retrofitted to join the Borg engagement at Sirius IV. During a Borg attack on the ship, Tu’Sutok was severely paralyzed and injured from a plasma overload in the tactical console, after assuming control from an assimilated tactical officer. Unfortunately, Tu’Sutok was forced to kill the officer in order to assume that control. His injuries forced an early termination of his duties and an extended recuperation under the care of Dr. Mion’a Vhittaker at Starbase 23.

In 2367, after what seems an unusually long recovery and ‘debriefing period’, Tu’Sutok was dispatched by runabout to Starbase 36 for assignment to NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise as a security officer and for strategic combat training. In October 2367, Tu’Sutok volunteered to head the Away Mission responding to a distress call received by Starbase 157, which provided support and supplies to the USS Lalo after a Borg vessel attacked it. For this selfless act of humanity, he received Starfleet’s Golden Heart Award with Nightingale Cluster (240209.14) by recommendation of Admiral James Ross, commander of Starbase 157 at the time. In 2369, he received a Meritorious Service Award (240209.07), awarded for efficiency and dedication to duty in the face of grave personal danger during the Satarran takeover attempt. While the USS Enterprise was en route to the Ficus Sector, after the Wolf 356 disaster in which the Borg <39-359-2367> destroyed more than 40 vessels, Lt. Tu’Sutok managed to earn himself several more ship-wide commendations. Tu’Sutok requested and received special transfer to Starbase McKinley Station in 2370, as the USS Enterprise was dockside receiving repairs following the Borg engagement.

He received during this assignment his Bridge Certification and Branch Officer Training, achieving promotion to Lt. Commander in the process.

In 2371, Starfleet went to war with the Dominion, and Lt. Commander Tu’Sutok was dispatched, once again, to the Vulcan warbird Tal-Vek, commanded by Captain T’Laki, as Security Chief. This time it was by ‘special request’ of the Vulcan Captain, which took us by surprise, considering his previous tour was summed as simply ‘adequate’.

It was here that Tu’Sutok earned the moniker “Vu-romilin assassin plu-var’, which roughly translates into ‘personal Romulan assassin’.

From 2371 to 2375, Tu’Sutok fought the Dominion. From the Vulcan Front to the boundary of the Alpha Quadrant at Deep Orion in the Gamma Quadrant, Tu’Sutok performed reconnaissance, intelligence, counter-intelligence, and infiltration missions of every sort and scope. Unfortunately, it was during one of these missions – a simple intelligence-gathering infiltration – that we began seeing evidence of a problem.

Tu’Sutok, it is reported, infiltrated the home of Gul Dukat on orders of the UFP. Though much valuable intelligence was gained from the mission, it is believed that the explosion on the night of Tu’Sutok’s extraction – which killed every succeeding relative of Dukat’s, almost killed the Gul himself – was the work of Tu’Sutok. It had been noticed by many in Starfleet that Tu’Sutok had become a bit too emotional, even for a Vulcan supposedly ‘in touch’ with his feelings. He seemed overwhelmed in fact, it had been reported. He had also become increasingly more violent, taking literally and usually in the most extreme sense even the simplest order to secure, subdue, or suppress a potential threat’s ability to pose harm. He also seemed to justify his actions with the claims that he understood any order given to subdue to mean in the most extreme sense, and didn’t seem to realize any fault with his understanding.

Though much renowned for the support he has provided for the Federation, it is my formal recommendation that the Federation take notice and follow the recommendations forwarded by the Vulcan High Command, and by the V’Shar itself – to either station Tu’Sutok on assignment in a position where he will not pose a threat to others (somewhere non-volatile), or…

It is no wonder that he is no longer welcome on Vulcan, as he is seen as a threat to his people and their way of life.

This concludes my notes on this subject and my final recommendation to you, Vice Admiral Komorov.

With only the highest regards,

Vice Admiral T’Ong
Office of Personnel Assessments
Starfleet Intelligence

Official Reccommendation (A message from Admiral T'Ong)

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