Note from Cort Enzor to Tal Shuresh -Episode 2

My Esteemed Benefactor,

You know I’m paranoid but I was dropped into some deep reality and heard some things that you need to know. I was up on cemetery hill yesterday watching some frellwit getting put in the ground. A bunch of Jolets where standing around, some were balling their eyes out and others trying to look tough. All of them looked scared. Even the hillbilly yokels that came to pay their respects looked like they were jumpy. Anyway, they way I see it is that faggot bartender from the Grinning Vulcan is up there making waves. He and Jolet are arguing and almost screaming at each other when I hear, “The Gurlacs are Coming!” I turn and look to see some fool running through the cemetery yelling. Behind him at the city gates I see about fifty or so ridgeheads walking out and lining up in a battle formation. Kevlac Karr appeared about to throw down on one of his own when the bartender, the gambler, and the proprietor of the Vulcan all come marching down the hill. The ridgeheads march up and meet them. Heated words are exchanged and the next thing I see is disruptor fire. That gambling hollowdick is firing a disruptor into the throngs of ridges. The ridges yell and charge the Jolets. Dozens of guns start barking thunder and I here above it all a humming sound. I look back to see the bartender swinging two lightsabers and going to town on the ridgeheads. Then another disruptor gets into the battle and I see Kevlac Karr fall to the ground screaming and his body ignites into a ball of bluewhite fire. I could smell the charred flesh all the way over to my hiding spot. The battle ended and hollowdick started negotiating. I snuck closer to hear what was being said and guess what? They are joining forces. The Jolets and the Gurlacs are joining forces and the crew of the Grinning Vulcan is behind it all. That hollowdick gambler is the main culprit doing the talking but from what I could see it was Jacen Daza the Bartender that is the brains behind the operation.

I also went to the GV that night and had a few drinks. I overhead them talking about a few things. Did you know they got an infirmary in that place? They was screaming to get the hollowdick to the infirmary when that tralk Crazy Eight shanked him. Instead of running out onto the streets and down to town square, they ran him back down the hall behind the bar and through a door. What else they got hiding in there I don’t know but I think it is worth checking out.

You may doubt the story as it is outlandish but I give my word this is chiptruth. Absolute Chiptruth you can take to the bank.

Your most humble of servants,

Note from Cort Enzor to Tal Shuresh -Episode 2

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