North Entrance to the Undermaze

The North entrance to the undermaze is also know as the soft entrance. It is the safest place to enter the domain of the Ghouls. Within a few hundred yards of this entrance is the slave market run by the people who work for the Ghouls. Travel deeper into the Undermaze and you will find the only relatively safe place, simply called the undermarket.

Security within the undermarket is run by the notorious Fenn Brothers.

The Undermarket
  • Grimwold’s Armory
  • Das Boot (Undermaze apparel)
  • Der Rathskeller (last cantina before entering the deep)
  • Moxi and Company (General mining supplies)
  • AMC (Alterium Mining Company)
  • Lovelace Potions and Elixers (Fine drugs to survive any encounter)
  • Isaac’s Smithy

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North Entrance to the Undermaze

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